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Rejoice! Tyler Hoechlin is Going to Star in a Romantic Comedy

Fans of both supernatural and superhero television series are probably aware of actor Tyler Hoechlin. He played the brooding Derek Hale throughout MTV’s six-season run of Teen Wolf. 

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Then he stepped into the iconic role of Clark Kent/ Superman on The CW’s Supergirl during season two.

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And if that hasn’t quite placed him for you, perhaps you recognize him from his brief appearance in Fifty Shades Free as Boyce Fox.

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Well, Hoechlin is taking his acting chops and impeccable charm and good looks to the big screen to star opposite Baywatch’s Alexandra Daddario in the film adaption of Sophie Kinsella’s Best-Selling novel Can You Keep a Secret?

Rejoice! Tyler Hoechlin is Going to Star in a Romantic Comedy
Random House

The romantic comedy follows “Emma Corrigan (Daddario), who spills her secrets to a handsome stranger sitting next to her on a turbulent plane ride. That guy happens to be Jack Harper (Hoechlin), the young and elusive CEO at Emma’s workplace. And Jack knows every single humiliating detail about Emma.”

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The film will be directed by Elise Duran from a script written by Peter Hutchings. BCDF Pictures will be producing the film with a team consisting of Claude Dal Farra, Brice Dal Farra, and Brian Keady. Can You Keep a Secret? is the second novel from Sophie Kinsella to be adapted for the big screen. Her book Confessions of a Shopaholic was adapted in 2009 into a relatively successful film starring Amy Adams, Hugh Dancy, Krysten Ritter, and John Goodman.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic

In addition to Teen Wolf and Supergirl, Hoechlin has appeared in 2016’s Everybody Wants Some, 2017’s Stratton, and recently co-starred in this past year’s horror film The Domestics with Kate Bosworth.

What do you think of the Hoechlin’s new rom-com? Are you excited to see him in a leading role? Let us know! To purchase Can You Keep a Secret? from Amazon head here