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‘The Walking Dead’: Ranking Maggie’s Top 10 Episodes

Published on October 10th, 2023 | Updated on October 10th, 2023 | By FanFest

Reflecting on Maggie’s Journey: From Humble Beginnings to Unyielding Leadership in The Walking Dead

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Now that Lauren Cohan has taken the helm alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the new Walking Dead spinoff, ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City,’ it’s an opportune moment to reminisce about her character, Maggie, as portrayed in the original series. Cohan graced ‘The Walking Dead’ with her presence for a significant portion of its 11-season run—nine seasons if we don’t count her return in the finale of the 10th season.

Maggie’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable, tracing her evolution from a humble family farm to a survivor who has experienced profound love and devastating loss. Her ongoing conflict with Negan stands as one of the show’s enduring narratives. While opinions among fans may differ regarding how Maggie’s character was treated throughout the series, her undeniable prowess as a fighter, her unwavering leadership qualities, and her unyielding survivor’s spirit are beyond question.

“Conquer” — Season 5: Episode 16

'The Walking Dead': Ranking Maggie's Top 10 Episodes

When Alexandria’s leaders grapple with the fate of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the fellow survivors, Maggie staunchly advocates for the unity of her group, adamantly opposing any attempts to split them apart. Her unwavering determination leads her to an impromptu departure from the town council meeting, a move that proves crucial when she unexpectedly encounters Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). Maggie’s swift intervention saves him from a potentially lethal encounter with the enraged Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green).

This pivotal moment in Maggie’s journey signifies her remarkable resilience in the face of profound adversity. Having endured heart-wrenching losses, including her father’s brutal decapitation in a scene too harrowing for some viewers, the loss of their sanctuary at the prison, her agonizing separation from Glenn, and the revelation of her sister’s survival only to be tragically thwarted from reuniting with her, Maggie’s path to recovery takes a significant turn within the protective walls of Alexandria, where she begins to rediscover her true self.

“Internment” — Season 4: Episode 5

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Maggie successfully convinces Rick to openly acknowledge his decision to exile Carol (played by Melissa McBride) from the prison after she killed two infected individuals. While Maggie agrees with his choice, she admits to harboring doubts about whether she would have possessed the same determination. Rick, in response, expresses unwavering confidence in her abilities. Their exchange sets the stage for a pivotal moment when Maggie responds to a disturbance in the sick ward.

Without hesitation, Maggie rushes to the source of the commotion, displaying exceptional courage and resourcefulness as she saves her father, Hershel (portrayed by Scott Wilson), from a group of approaching walkers. This heroic act underscores her unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of her fellow survivors. Furthermore, this episode serves as a turning point for Rick, as he begins to recognize Maggie as a potential leader within their group.

“What Comes After” — Season 9: Episode 5

'The Walking Dead': Ranking Maggie's Top 10 Episodes

Maggie’s long-awaited face-off with Negan has arrived, despite her initial reluctance to set foot in Alexandria where he has been imprisoned. Her determination ultimately leads her to a compelling conversation with Michonne (Danai Gurira), who reluctantly grants her access to Negan’s cell. What transpires is a significant turning point in the series, as Maggie, faced with Negan’s pitiful state, makes a surprising decision—to spare him, albeit condemning him to live with the weight of his heinous crimes.

While this episode is often associated with Rick’s exit, it’s equally significant for Maggie’s character arc. Her deep-seated loathing for Negan persists, but in this moment, she confronts her burning desire for revenge and considers the prospect of killing him outright. Her unexpected choice to spare his life marks the beginning of a complex journey toward healing and closure, a process that commences with her decision to create some emotional distance from her past traumas.

“Bloodletting” — Season 2: Episode 2

'The Walking Dead': Ranking Maggie's Top 10 Episodes

Maggie made her debut appearance in Season 2 of “The Walking Dead,” a season often hailed as one of the show’s finest. Her entry into the series was marked by her invaluable assistance in a life-saving surgery performed on Carl (played by Chandler Riggs). Following this, she stepped forward as a volunteer to embark on a mission to locate Carl’s mother, Lori (portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies). Maggie’s fearless nature became evident when she encountered the group, demonstrating her heroism by bravely rescuing Andrea (played by Laurie Holden) from a relentless walker.

Maggie’s introduction is undoubtedly impressive, as it immediately defines her character. She approached Rick’s group with a certain degree of caution, reflecting her wariness of newcomers. However, her true colors shone through when she swiftly called for Hershel upon noticing Carl’s dire condition. Her selfless offer to retrieve Lori, despite being a complete stranger, and her heroic rescue of Andrea further emphasized her strength and compassion.

“Acts of God” — Season 11: Episode 16

'The Walking Dead': Ranking Maggie's Top 10 Episodes

Maggie finds herself reluctantly placing a degree of trust in Negan, a trust that leads her to leave her son under his protection as she gears up to confront the menacing figure of Hornsby, played by Josh Hamilton, and his formidable band of troopers. In a chilling twist of fate, Hornsby commands Leah, portrayed by Lynn Collins, to hunt down and eliminate Maggie. Leah manages to capture Maggie, leaving her bound and isolated in a perilous predicament. However, against all odds, Maggie engineers a daring escape, setting the stage for a brutal and intense showdown between the two tenacious women. As the battle rages on, a glimmer of hope emerges with the arrival of Daryl, who intervenes just in time to incapacitate Leah, bringing an end to the harrowing confrontation.

This dramatic turn of events marks a pivotal moment in Maggie’s character development. Her growing trust in Negan lays the foundation for their upcoming spinoff series, “The Walking Dead: Dead City.” Furthermore, her unyielding battle against Leah serves as a crucial juncture in the season’s overarching narrative, emphasizing Maggie’s unwavering courage and determination in the face of daunting challenges.

“Home” — Season 3: Episode 10

'The Walking Dead': Ranking Maggie's Top 10 Episodes

Maggie finds herself grappling with the aftermath of her intense interrogation orchestrated by The Governor, portrayed by David Morrissey, who served as the central antagonist during seasons three and four. However, a surprising turn of events unfolds when this very same man spearheads an unexpected assault on the survivors’ prison stronghold. In this pivotal moment, Maggie emerges from the safety of her refuge, swiftly arming her comrades with firearms and ammunition. Her actions not only tilt the balance of the battle but also result in a crucial elimination, as she expertly dispatches a gunman stationed within one of the prison’s guard towers.

This incident showcases Maggie’s remarkable ability to shake off shock and rise to the occasion when the safety of her loved ones hangs in the balance. It underscores her unwavering resolve to take calculated risks and even resort to lethal force if necessary, all in the name of safeguarding those closest to her.

“The Same Boat” — Season 6: Episode 13

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After successfully infiltrating one of the Saviors’ strongholds, Maggie and Carol find themselves ensnared in a perilous situation. They are swiftly apprehended, their hands bound, and are subsequently escorted to an industrial facility typically used for a far more sinister purpose – interrogation. However, their resilience and resourcefulness come to the fore as they manage to liberate themselves, turning the tables on the Saviors residing within the establishment. This audacious duo orchestrates the demise of not only their captors but also the reinforcements hastily summoned by the beleaguered Saviors. Remarkably, Maggie and Carol emerge victorious from the slaughterhouse, leaving Rick and their fellow survivors astounded by their premeditated and audacious maneuver.

Maggie’s unwavering resolve during the interrogation serves as a testament to her indomitable spirit, as she confronts seemingly insurmountable odds. Their astounding feat of vanquishing two entire teams of Saviors with just their own prowess exemplifies the remarkable evolution of Maggie and Carol, underscoring their newfound capabilities and unrelenting determination, all transpiring even before the tragic loss of Glenn.

“Killer Within” — Season 3: Episode 4

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Amidst the chaos of a relentless walker horde, our survivors seek refuge within the confines of a prison, their fates intertwined by the dire circumstances. Maggie, Carl, and Lori find themselves together, but the situation takes a heartbreaking turn as Lori goes into labor at the worst possible time. With the grim knowledge that her own survival is unlikely, Lori makes a gut-wrenching decision: she entrusts Maggie with the impossible task of performing an emergency caesarean section, armed with nothing but a knife. In a selfless act of courage, Maggie carries out the procedure, ensuring the newborn’s arrival into the world. Tragically, Lori does not survive, leaving the group to grapple with the profound loss.

This pivotal moment serves as a crucible for Maggie’s character development, marking her first major trauma on screen. Her agonizing choice to save Lori’s child at the expense of Lori’s life haunts her in the episodes that follow. As the harsh realities of the post-apocalyptic world bear down on her, Maggie must summon her emotional strength to cope with the weight of her decision. Her journey towards resilience and redemption unfolds against the backdrop of a brutal and unforgiving landscape, as she becomes unwaveringly committed to ensuring the survival of the

“Go Getters” — Season 7: Episode 5

'The Walking Dead': Ranking Maggie's Top 10 Episodes

Maggie awakens in a hospital bed within the confines of Hilltop and decides to pay a visit to Glenn’s final resting place. In the quiet of the night, a sudden intrusion shatters the peace as the Saviors recklessly drive a car through Hilltop’s gates, blaring music and attracting a horde of walkers. With a heavy heart and a baby on the way, Maggie takes charge, rallying the town’s defenses against this menacing threat. In an awe-inspiring display of strength, Maggie commandeers a colossal tractor, using it to silence the intrusive car by crushing it under its immense weight. This impressive feat is all the more remarkable considering her pregnancy. But Maggie’s determination doesn’t stop there.

Fueled by grief and the unrelenting desire to protect her community, Maggie confronts Gregory, the current leader of Hilltop, played by Xander Berkeley. In a powerful moment, she delivers a resounding punch to his face, accompanied by a stern admonition for him to etch her name into his memory. As if to symbolize the resurgence of her indomitable spirit, Maggie reclaims Glenn’s cherished pocket watch from Gregory’s possession. This episode marks Maggie’s poignant return to the fold, following the heartbreaking loss of Glenn in the season premiere. Her resolute actions lay the foundation for her eventual ascension to a leadership role within Hilltop, a transition eagerly anticipated by Jesus, Gregory’s right-hand man and a highly influential figure within the Hilltop Colony.

“A New Beginning” — Season 9: Episode 1

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Maggie’s recent election victory in Hilltop has brought about significant changes in her character and decision-making. Upon her return to the community, she faces a harrowing assassination attempt orchestrated by none other than Gregory, who subsequently makes a desperate attempt to harm her personally by wielding a knife. In a move that left the entire community stunned, Maggie chose to administer a fitting punishment for Gregory’s treacherous actions by publicly hanging him.

These events underscore the marked differences between Maggie and Rick, two prominent figures within their community. While Rick appealed to Maggie for assistance in the construction of a vital bridge, she staunchly refused, leading some fans to speculate that her judgment may have been influenced by her enduring animosity towards Negan. In a pivotal moment, Rick implored Maggie to spare Gregory’s life, hoping for a more merciful resolution. However, Maggie’s unwavering resolve in her decision revealed a stark contrast in their approaches. She firmly suggested that Rick ought to start listening to her, and without hesitation, she carried out the execution. This unforgettable moment is widely regarded by many fans as one of the show’s most satisfying deaths.

Quick summary

  • “Conquer” (Season 5, Episode 16): Maggie’s unwavering determination to keep her group united, even at the expense of a confrontation with Father Gabriel and Sasha, shows her resilience in the face of adversity.
  • “Internment” (Season 4, Episode 5): Maggie’s ability to convince Rick to acknowledge his decision to exile Carol and her heroic act of saving Hershel from walkers highlights her commitment to the group’s safety.
  • “What Comes After” (Season 9, Episode 5): Maggie’s face-off with Negan and her unexpected decision to spare his life marks a turning point in her character’s journey towards healing and closure.
  • “Bloodletting” (Season 2, Episode 2): Maggie’s debut showcases her fearlessness, selflessness, and heroic nature as she assists in surgery, volunteers to find Lori, and rescues Andrea.
  • “Acts of God” (Season 11, Episode 16): Maggie’s growing trust in Negan and her escape from Leah’s capture demonstrate her courage and determination in the face of formidable challenges.
  • “Home” (Season 3, Episode 10): Maggie’s leadership in arming the group during The Governor’s assault on the prison underscores her willingness to take risks to protect her loved ones.
  • “The Same Boat” (Season 6, Episode 13): Maggie and Carol’s resourcefulness during their captivity by the Saviors showcases their evolution as characters and their determination to survive.
  • “Killer Within” (Season 3, Episode 4): Maggie’s selfless act of performing a life-saving surgery on Lori’s baby highlights her willingness to make difficult choices for the group’s survival.
  • “Go Getters” (Season 7, Episode 5): Maggie’s leadership during a Savior attack, her confrontation with Gregory, and her retrieval of Glenn’s pocket watch demonstrate her resilience and ascendancy to a leadership role.
  • “A New Beginning” (Season 9, Episode 1): Maggie’s return to Hilltop after an assassination attempt on her life, her refusal to assist in building a bridge, and her decision to execute Gregory underscore her distinct leadership style compared to Rick’s.

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