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Reasons to Love ‘Bride of Chucky’

Published on October 19th, 2018 | Updated on October 19th, 2018 | By FanFest

Twenty years ago, on October 16, 1998, another installment entered the Child’s Play franchise. Bride of Chucky. While far cheesier than the other installments, the film continues to provide many laughs. My appreciation grows with each viewing and is probably the film out of the entire franchise I know the best. Part of the reason a Child’s Play remake should not exist is that I am not ready to give up on the franchise built over the years. This is partly because of the addition of Chucky’s bride and my love for Jennifer Tilly’s antics with her own Tiffany doll since joining the franchise in 1998. The other reason? The latest additions of the franchise, Curse of Chucky (2013) as well as Cult of Chucky (2017), have revitalized the franchise!  Despite the fact the films are released directly to DVD, the films are not horrible. Instead of dwelling I will reveal my top five reasons to love Bride of Chucky.

5. Just Wash the Dishes

Earlier in the film Tiffany makes a point of telling Jesse that her mother always told her that“a woman spends all day over a hot stove slaving away for her man. The least he can do is the dishes.” When Chucky is not willing to play ball, the entire rant that Tiffany screams at him makes this my absolute favorite scene within the entire film. The tension these two dolls created by essentially kidnapped these two teenagers disappears and we find ourselves focusing on Tiffany who finally loss whatever self control she had. Though I feel any woman that hears, “Those, uh, dishes aren’t gonna wash themselves you know,” reserves the right to throw a dish at the man who speaks them. Too harsh? Maybe, but it doesn’t take that much to do the dishes! Plus I adore hearing Tiffany’s profanity directed at Martha Stewart that makes the scene one that no one can forget.

4. Bride of Frankenstein

This is one of most beautiful scenes within the feature. I love watching Tiffany’s reactions to viewing Bride of Frankenstein. The tear running down her cheek during the scene seals it as one of my absolute favorites. She wants a love that might not make sense to others but it belongs to her. It’s a sentiment that resonates among most people’s lives. She needs a person that she can connect with on multiple levels and manages not to make her feel absolutely worthless.  That should not be a lot to ask for in one’s love life.  I have often envied that she has a television ready and able to watch while she is in the bathtub.  The fact I still do not have this set up at home makes me somewhat sad.  I do not even have one of those trays to place a glass of wine in and prop up a book to enjoy during my bath.  Tiffany has made me want to up my bath game for years.  Maybe one day, but for now I must continue to envy her.

3. Voodoo for Dummies

The devotion Tiffany gives to Chucky is something that I’m not sure most people would understand nor commit to over an extensive period. She might not know what she’s doing, but her determination to discover how to bring Chucky back to life is so strong she retrieves the book Voodoo for Dummies. She learns how to ensure the rise of our favorite deranged serial killer who transferred his body into that of a Good Guy’s doll. I’m not sure why the insane amount of candles in the trailer and the way that Tiffany dresses makes the scene even better, but somehow we take her love and devotion seriously. When Chucky questions her about her ex boyfriend Damien she explains, “Ten years is a long time, Chucky. Besides, I was never actually with him. You know me. I’ll kill anybody, but I’ll only sleep with someone I love.” While is not the typical response anyone would expect to hear, Tiffany’s loyalty rings loud and clear.

2. Barbie Eat Your Heart Out

The entire makeover montage routine is the best makeover montages in film history. She looks at herself in doll format and realizes that she is not the same and needs an upgrade. Most people would not have found anything wrong with the doll she originally picked out to keep Chucky company. The addition of makeup, mini leather jacket and changing the dolls hair to blonde completes what we should all dub The Tiffany Makeover. While most of the cosplays I’ve seen focuses on more of a white dress instead of a wedding dress, the appeal of becoming the Tiffany is all the black accents. Black nails, black boots, fishnets, a black leather jacket. A compromise could reached between mothers and daughters who have the desire to march down the aisle in a black wedding dress is simple with this solution.  The only catch is that one would look like a serial killer from a popular horror franchise.  That’s the price of beauty.

1. The Dialogue

I love the dialogue in this film. I know that most people dub the dialogue as campy and cheesy but that’s the appeal of the entire film. We laugh during times we should not because of the various lines used. Chucky has always had some amazing lines, but they both share some amazing scenes together. One of those scenes include Tiffany looking down into a playpen at Chucky and informing him, “If you can’t play nice, I may just have to take all your toys away,” because of his destruction of his current toys and his drawings that would make a teacher call one’s parents for a conference with a school counselor. I also enjoy the moment when Chucky enters in a not so kind spelling of the word woman when the Speak & Spell which promptly corrects his spelling. Add to the moment where Jesse questions Chucky about their origin, he admits it’s a long story before adding, “In fact if it were a movie, it would take three or four sequels just to do it justice!” I would have gone with five or six, but four lends itself nicely to this sequel and the Seed of Chucky (2004).

While Bride of Chucky was no where close to earning an Oscar nomination, the film holds a special place in my horror loving part.  Did you see Bride of Chucky in theaters?  What did you think of the film?  What is your favorite scene?  Let us know in the comments below!


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