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Justice League: Ray Fisher Released a Phone Call with Investigator

Published on January 16th, 2021 | Updated on January 16th, 2021 | By FanFest

At this point, it is no secret that Ray Fisher has been having some issues with Warner Bros and certain people in the company. This feud has been going on for several months now. One of the newest developments was the recent news that Warner Bros might no longer want Fisher in any of their films. This seemed to be proven correct when it was announced that Fisher was removed from the upcoming Flash film. Now, only days after that news, Ray Fisher has released a phone call he had with WarnerMedia’s independent investigator. Fisher released the audio to his Twitter on Friday.

“Here is a clip from my final conversation with @WarnerMedia’s independent investigator on December 11th, 2020. Hopefully it lends itself to the truth of the investigation, and to the credibility of my current claims against Walter Hamada’s dangerous behavior.”

Fisher has made several claims against Walter Hamada, Geoff Johns, and Josh Whedon. He has also stated on his social media that he absolutely refuses to work on any films that have anything to do with Walter Hamada. This became a problem for Warner Media as Hamada just extended his contract until the end of 2023. Ray Fisher also claims that WarnerMedia has parted ways with Joss Whedon and will be parting ways with Geoff Johns. That last one is hard to believe as Johns is still currently working on Stargirl, which has moved over to The CW since the DC Universe streaming app will be moving its focus to comics. Ray Fisher has released a phone call

Whether or not there will be any fallout from this call remains to be seen. It’s a shame that we might not see Fisher reprise his role as Cyborg. Hopefully, he and WarnerMedia can reconcile their differences. You can catch Fisher as Cyborg one last time in the Snyder Cut of the Justice League when it launches on HBO Max.

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