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Randy Schell, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Voice Actor, Dies in Tragic Accident

Sad news to report for Fear the Walking Dead fans. Voice actor, Randy Schell, died Saturday in a tragic skydiving accident in Southeast Texas.

In a statement released by Skydive Spaceland,

“licensed, experienced skydivers accidentally collided following a planned group skydive…Both jumpers had made at least one successful skydive earlier that day, had hundreds or thousands of skydives each, and were jumping their own parachute systems. Both jumpers deployed their parachutes normally and collided afterward. They sustained injuries in the collision and/or on landing, and one did not survive. Weather was not a factor.”

Schell was not identified in the above statement but was later identified by his manager to the Houston area media.

Schell had done voiceover work for over 25 years. We are familiar with his voice for doing the promos and teasers for AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. He also has done voice work for Nike, Geico, McDonald’s and more.

We here at Fan Fest News are truly saddened and send our deepest sympathies and condolences to Randy Schell’s family and friends during this difficult time.