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Ralph Macchio talks 35th anniversary of ‘The Karate Kid’ and more on the IMDb Show

Published on June 26th, 2019 | Updated on June 26th, 2019 | By FanFest

Cobra Kai star, Ralph Macchio, sat down with The IMDb Show just in time for the 35th anniversary of The Karate Kid to see what he’s been up to after all these years.

Macchio reminisces on what was arguably the biggest action movie of its time- From his out of body experience while watching the film come to life, to Mr. Miyagi’s staple drunk scene, Macchio is giving the inside scoop.

“I saw the film for the first time at a sneak preview in New York, it was an out of body experience to be in the back of this packed theater and watching everyone sort of take every turn with this kid then rooting all those setups that were paying off and the cheers and the hugs people were out in the street doing the crane kick the show on Second Avenue,” said Macchio.

His favorite moment was when his character gets the car and looks at Pat Morita’s Miyagi and says that he’s his best friend. Morita also brought a lot of fun to the set.

“He has this ability to do a scene where he was literally crying and they cut and he just run comic fart jokes and stuff and just be able to do that. And then snap back in,” said Macchio who also revealed that his iconic drunk scene was almost cut. “So at one point, they were deciding whether they would cut out the whole Miyagi drunk scene where he learned about the World War Two and the internment camps and all this, it’s like how do you cut that out of this movie?”

35 years after The Karate Kid premiered, Macchio gets to revisit Daniel LaRusso alongside Billy Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence. Macchio says the most emotional moment so far on Cobra Kai was his first scene with Zabka.

“The first scene where I played with Zabka in the dojo at the end of episode two when we come face to face that was my first time shooting the LaRusso and 34 years and the first time playing opposite him where he just wasn’t kicking my ass,” said Macchio. “Everyone on the set was just like they were like had popcorn and just, you know, this is such a great moment for these writers crew. For us, there was a piece of what is kissed both this movie, The Karate Kid and this series (Cobra Kai) it’s the lightning in a bottle where Billy and I had a chemistry and this rivalry and had such depth in between the performance in the silences that I wasn’t expecting and he wasn’t expecting. The most important thing that was part of this for me was making sure that the essence of Miyagi and that character and that void in Daniels life is present.”

source: The IMDb Show

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