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R. Kelly Sentenced To 20 years in Prison On Child Sex Crimes, Avoids Effective Life Sentence

Published on February 24th, 2023 | Updated on February 24th, 2023 | By FanFest

On Thursday, the disgraced singer and producer R. Kelly was given an extra 20 years of jail time for his convictions on charges including child pornography and luring minors into sex. Alongside a 30-year sentence imposed previously on racketeering and sexual trafficking crimes, he will serve all but one year concurrently.

Judge Harry Leinenweber of the United States District Court has mandated that R. Kelly carry out a year-long prison sentence, in addition to his former New York sentencing. With this new ruling, he will not be imprisoned for longer than 31 years altogether.

At the time, Kelly’s lawyer expressed eagerness to challenge her conviction through an appeal.

Get prepared for R. Kelly’s upcoming sex trafficking trial in New York – here are the facts you need to know!

As Kelly’s hometown of Chicago prepared to issue a sentencing, the pressing inquiry was if the judge would demand that he serve both sentences at once or only after fulfilling his New York term.

Last year, Kelly was found guilty of six out of thirteen charges: the heinous production of three pieces of child pornography and enticement to minors in order to engage in sexual activities.

Despite the fact that non-concurrent sentences would almost certainly mean Kelly wouldn’t survive his prison sentence, prosecutors insisted on it, citing his depraved offenses against young people and complete disregard for remorse as grounds to maximize punishment.

With the Judge’s decree, Kelly is expected to be eligible for parole when she turns 80.

At the beginning of the hearing, Judge Leinenweber made it known that he did not believe Kelly had employed intimidation to lure young girls into sexual encounters.

The Jjudge shot down “the (government’s) whole theory of grooming,” saying it was “the opposite of fear of bodily harm. . . . It was the fear of lost love, lost affections (from Kelly)’. … It just doesn’t seem to me that it rises to the fear of bodily harm.”

At the hearing’s commencement, Kelly addressed the judge inquiringly. The magistrate then questioned him if he had gone through essential documents prior to sentencing for any discrepancies.

“Your honor,” Kelly stated, “I have gone over it with my attorney. I’m just relying on my attorney for that.”


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