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Pull List- More X-Men Game Changers, Who Is Leviathan, & Chip Zdarsky’s Epic Fantasy Tale

Published on August 14th, 2019 | Updated on August 14th, 2019 | By FanFest

Geeklings, a very Happy New Comic Book Day to you all! Let me tell you about the power of our mini holiday. I woke up in the middle of the night last night full of angry belly syndrome… indigestion type deal (#gettingolderisfun). On top of that, I was wracked with a bunch of weird dreams that felt kind of real but were definitely life situations I wouldn’t find myself in at any point. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well and woke up this morning all out of sorts. I was blegh. I was tired. I needed a hug. Yet, all of that changed as soon as I opened up my Fancy Comic Book Reader (ipad) and downloaded my books for the week. Suddenly the day couldn’t be that bad. I had comics. New Comic Book Day is the best, you guys… I mean, I’m still tired and my stomach is wonky but I’ve got new comics. What more could you ask for?

New Comic Book Day has been especially awesome these last couple of weeks with everything that’s been happening with the X-Men. Jonathan Hickman’s run thus far, and more on that in a minute or two, has not only changed the game for the X-Men but has been a ray of sunshine for the comics community. It seems that every Wednesday has been built with the anticipation of what could possibly happen next. What game changer is in store for us this week? The internet is buzzing with these books and it has led to a great deal of awesomeness. I’ve had some tremendous conversations with tons of you guys about these books and all of it has been positive and fun. In fact, these talks have trickled into discussing other books and it just enhances the experience of reading comics. The ability to discuss with others who share the same excitement as you. Comics Twitter at times can be a tad bit, uh, volatile but this X-Men run has done something I haven’t seen in a long time. Bringing comic fans together who are excited about comics and the stories they house. That’s the whole driving purpose of the Pull List and it’s been a great few weeks watching people celebrate the magic of comics. 

With that being said, we got a slew of new books to sort through. So sit back, relax, and get ready to get your comic on. Starting with…

Powers of X #2- With the number of game-changers in these first four issues, it’s hard to believe that we’re only a quarter of the way through this event. We still have eight issues left which is almost too much for my mind to comprehend. Like, what could possibly come next? Granted, this has been a large part of the fun with this series. Hickman is presenting us with a massive puzzle and he is no rush to give us all the pieces which is fine by me. I’ve been loving making theories only to throw them out the following week because of a new development. I’m fully invested and after last weeks reveal that the future of mutants hangs in the reincarnation abilities of Moria MacTaggert, my mind has been spinning out of control in attempts to figure out timelines. Moria, who is a mutant now, gets ten lives (hence the Powers of X (Ten)) and with each life, she’s tried to save mutant-kind only to fail. With Moria on her last life, in theory, and opening her mind to Xavier revealing everything that’s happened in the previous lives, we’re left wondering what Xavier can do with this new knowledge. Suddenly Moria MacTaggert has become the most important mutant in the world, and I need all the answers on her previous lives. Especially life six which is missing from the Moria Life Map. Powers of X #2 starts to reveal some of her plans with Xavier a bit more while also expanding the craziness of this story. There is a lot going on in this issue but things are taking shape and it’s that shape, no matter how vague it may appear, that has me obsessing about this series. 

The White Trees #1- Chip Zdarsky has been on fire lately. Daredevil, Spider-Man: A Life Story, and Invaders (which has a new issue out today) have been some of Marvel’s best books month after month. If you’ve been jonesing for some new creator-owned content from the Chipster then please allow me to direct your attention over to Image Comics. Zdarsky will be teaming up with Kris Anka and Matt Wilson for a fantasy epic that’s sure to melt a couple of faces. White Trees is a very unique release as it will only be two issues and the only way to get it is through buying the issues from your local comic book shop (or Comixology). These issues will not be collected in trade which I think adds something special to the series. This book kind of sells itself though. Zdarsky’s writing is phenomenal as he creates this new world with characters who you instantly invest in. It helps that the art and coloring are exquisite making you hope that maybe, just maybe, we’ll get more of this universe down the line. 

Once & Future #1- Did you guys say you wanted more created owned comics? Good, because over at Boom! Studios, Kieron Gillen (Die, The Wicked + The Divine) has a new modern-day King Arthuresq story for your eyeholes. Gillen has been killing it with his titles and any time a new creator-owned series of his is announced, I’m going to be the first person lining up for the book especially with The Wicked + The Divine on the cusp of ending. Got to fill that roster spot. Once & Future is another comic rich with character, I dare you not to fall in love with Bridgette, and brings monsters, a deep dive into history with King Arthur mythology playing a large part, and an exploration of family lore and their possible secret histories. On top of all that awesome, Tamra Bonvillain straight up brings it with her art. The Kieron Gillen hot streak continues.

Captain Marvel #9- Kelly Thompson, fresh off of yesterday’s announcement that will be writing the new Deadpool ongoing series coming in November, has truly been upping the ante with her Captain Marvel run and issue nine continues that trend. I’ve been really enjoying Thompson’s run on this series as she has effortlessly tapped into the history of Carol Danvers while also keeping the book new and fresh. I’m a sucker for building off of continuity. Issue #9 sees Carol at a sort of crossroads. Her powers are on the fritz, there’s a new hero in the spotlight leaving Carol wondering if the world would be better off without Captain Marvel. Obviously, it isn’t, and this has some of those “Spider-Man No More” vibes, but what really shines is Thompson’s character work. She understands Carol Danvers and is incredibly loyal to the character which makes for a very compelling issue. On top of that, this book sold out before it was released which is saying something. 

Event Leviathan #3- Brian Michael Bendis is at his best when writing gritty, noir, street-level comics which has fed into the awesome of Event Leviathan. Gathering the best detectives in the DC Universe, Event Leviathan has provided quite the mystery… just who is Leviathan? It would seem that Red Hood is our leading suspect but it just seems so, well, obvious. You have to think that Bendis has something a little craftier up his sleeve and I’m not ruling out Steve Trevor. There’s just a vibe I’m getting after issue one. A hunch if you will. Whoever it is has been making huge, moves taking out all of the DCU’s intelligence systems, and seems to pose a real threat. With DC’s Year of the Villain rapidly approaching, I’m starting to wonder if our heroes will be able to stop Leviathan. Learning an identity is one thing but Leviathan has been ahead of everyone at all turns and I’ve got a feeling he/she will continue to be. 

Honorable Mentions- Silver Surfer: Black #3, Black Hammer/Justice League #2, & Justice League Odyssey #12

There you have it Geeklings, all the best books to get your mitts on this week. As always, if you feel like I’ve left anything off this week’s Pull List be sure to let me know in the comments. Let me know what you’ve been reading. If you’d like to talk more comics with yours truly then you can find me over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Comic chatter has been pouring in so don’t’ be afraid to jump into the water. Lots to discuss. Now, I think it’s time to read some comics. Head on over to your local comic book shop, get your books, and get your read on. I’ll see you all here next week with a new edition of the Pull List. Happy reading and many huzzahs!


Images from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and Boom! Studios

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