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Pull List-A New Dawn, Venom-Hulk, & Superman Smashes

Published on October 16th, 2019 | Updated on October 16th, 2019 | By FanFest

Geeklings, a very Happy New Comic Book Day to you all! New Comic Book Day is always my favorite day of the week but when it’s stacked like today is it just puts things on another level. I’m talking the type of level where you wake up around six in the morning to start reading your books only to carry what’s left to lunch, and then hoping for major traffic on the way home so you can read even more. I don’t really wish for major traffic for my commute home but I really wanted to emphasize how good of an NCBD today is. Writing 101.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m just itching to jump into these books. I’m hyped. I want all the comics right now. Maybe I’m still filling in the void left by finishing Breaking Bad and El Camino in less than a month (#humblebrag) and suppressing all the feels I have or maybe it’s because I just love comics so much or maybe it’s a bit of both. I suppose we’ll never know. 

Alright, let’s do the damn thing. There are kickass comics that need to be discussed and the sooner we discuss the sooner you’re in your local comic book shop buying. New Pull List starts right now…

Oct 16 1

X-Men #1- It seems like just last week we wrapped Jonathan Hickman’s incredible, game-changing, instantly iconic House of X/Powers of X event. An event that went twelve straight weeks and brought the excitement back to X-Men books as well as pushed them to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. With every ending comes a new beginning and I’d like to welcome you all to the Dawn of X! Feel free to insert epic music here. Powers of X ended on a bit of a dark note. The X-Men are basically immortal, they’re now they’re own established country, Moria/Xavier/Magneto are hiding the truth from everyone, and it seems like their actions might have raised some eyebrows with the rest of the Marvel heroes. What does that mean for X-Men #1? Well, how about a Cyclops centered story that focuses on the Summers clan, Magneto, a dash of Storm, and sets the table for a major problem going forward. Personally, I enjoyed how this issue was a bit more subdued and explored the mindset of Kroka and a handful of mutants. This is not your typical X-Men book but you already knew that going in after reading HoX/PoX. Hickman has some big plans for this series and if issue one is any indication he’s playing things a bit close to the vest. He has my attention though. Especially when you see the room layout for a certain group of characters. Let the hot gossip begin! More importantly, give me all the X books.

Oct 16 4

Absolute Carnage #4- First things first, this cover is bananas. Look how gorgeous this thing is. I remember it being released a little while back and just being floored. Ryan Stegman is on another level and having a pretty solid week between this issue and taking over Chip Zdarsky’s weekly newsletter (please subscribe, thank me later). What happens when you flip the cover of this penultimate issue? How do you guys feel about Venom-Hulk cause I am all for it. The symbiote, desperate to end this war with Carnage, has left Eddie Brock and attached itself to the Hulk in the Maker’s lab and things are about to get nuts. With one issue to go before this event ends (insert sad face here), there is still a lot left to be resolved. At some point, Eddie is going to have to be honest about being a father while also squaring up for the ultimate showdown with Carnage. While we wait for that, I’m more than okay with some Venom-Hulk action. This event has been a dark, twisted blast. Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman love making comics and I love reading those comics! 

Oct 16 9

Something Is Killing the Children #2- I know a lot of us are excited for James Tynion IV to take over the main Batman title once Tom King’s wraps (something I’m not emotionally ready for) but while we wait for that how about you turn your eyeholes to my favorite new series of the year. Something Is Killing the Children was an outstanding first read giving us an already iconic character in Erica Slaughter and a mystery that seems like it could run deep. This book getting greenlit as an ongoing just warms my heart as I can’t wait to see what Tynion has in store for this title. We have barely scratched the surface here but I want it all pumped directly into my veins. Who doesn’t love a bit of monster mayhem in their lives? Granted, the characters of this story probably could do without it buuuuut I’m enjoying myself. 

Oct 16 3

Batman #81- When we last left Tom King’s Batman it seemed that Thomas Wayne had a bit of a decision to make. He could either choose to kill the captured Damian Wayne or he could be a bit more of a mushy grandfather and not kill him. Some tough grandparenting decisions there. Then add into the equation that he’s technically not even Damian’s grandfather… #multiverseproblems. We only have five issues of King’s run left and we are building toward the showdown between Batman and Bane. Before that, King goes out of his way to help shed more light on this story as Batman slowly starts to reveal his hand. For those who were complaining about certain plot points hopefully, this will ease your suffering. King has had a clear plan and vision through this current run and I’ve often said it’s difficult to criticize select areas of the story when it’s all one massive narrative. Something that needs to be viewed as a whole. As this issue ends I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t one more major showdown in Batman’s future…

Oct 16 2

Superman Smashes the Klan #1– I love when my comics tell me exactly what’s going to happen in the title. Superman Smashes the Klan is exactly what you think it is. Based on an old Superman radio show, “Clan of the Fiery Cross”, Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru take us back to the 1940s and a classic Superman tale. One where he gets to punch some really big jerks in the face. I’m here for that.

Honorable Mentions- Guardians of the Galaxy #10, Once & Future #3, Flash Forward #2, & Justice League #34

There you have it Geeklings, all the best books to get your mitts on this week. As always, if you feel like I’ve left anything off this edition of the Pull List be sure to let me know in the comments. If you’d like to talk more comics with yours truly you can find me over on Twitter @iamgeek32. A little house cleaning before I leave you this week, I’m getting married in two short weeks! I’m incredibly excited and will immediately by honeymooning post marriage. Which means there is most certainly going to be a week without a Pull List maybe even two. But don’t stress. Once I return we’ll be back into things as usual. We still have two more columns before that break so you got some time. In the meantime, I’m out of here. I’ve got more reading to do. I’ll catch you all next week. Happy reading and many huzzahs!


Images from Marvel, DC, and Boom! Studios 

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