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‘Prodigal Son’ recap “The Trip”

Published on October 21st, 2019 | Updated on October 21st, 2019 | By FanFest

Malcolm still has issues sleeping. Homicide is only thing keeping him sane…

A drug bust resulted in two deaths, hinting at a drug war. Malcolm questions if this was even about drugs at all. One of the bodies has about $20,000 worth of cocaine dumped all over him.

They head to a church to get information from Saulo. He says he didn’t do it because he doesn’t need ghosts following him and points them toward Estime. It turns out the drugs weren’t cocaine and the bodyguard was killed second.

Dani disobeys Gil and goes to Estime’s club. Estime denies involvement and Malcolm agrees. It’s actually a spectacular profile. Before they can get more information, someone opens fire in the club. Estime’s stash of drugs explodes all over Malcolm, and he’s higher than a kite. As punishment, Dani has to babysit.

During his trip, Malcolm hallucinates some pretty scary stuff. Luckily, they help him decipher his memories.

Atty Eve Blanchard visits Jessica looking for money to help fight human trafficking. Eve knows who Jessica is and doesn’t care, which is refreshing to Jessica. Jessica tells Malcolm, after he barges in, that his shoebox was destroyed. It didn’t, it “ends up” at his place.

Trini, Fabiola’s mother, killed the men and is after Estime who had a relationship with Fabiola. She’s upset, to say the least, and wanted revenge. When Saulo comes to take care of business, Dani tells him he’s too late, Estime is dead. No one else needed to die and the drug war needed to end.


Holy crap that hanging body scared me! I don’t do well with jump scares. I have to admit though, that trip sequence was pretty great. Dani and Malcolm’s heart to heart was precious. I love when characters connect on this type of level.

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