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‘Prodigal Son’ recap “The Professionals”

Ainsley and Malcolm wait for Jessica before breakfast and as Nicholas Endicott exits, they get a chance to catch up- Eve broke up with Malcolm, in a voicemail. At least she apologized?

Malcolm is called to the station and Gil has bad news… Eve is dead. She drowned before being thrown off a bridge. It looked like a suicide but Malcolm knows it isn’t. Gil allows Malcolm to investigate despite being close to her.

'Prodigal Son' recap "The Professionals"
Jojo Whilden/FOX.

Malcolm tells Jessica that he believes Eve was murdered and that Martin warned him. The two of them visit Martin to get him to talk. Ainsley is already there for research on the girl in the box. Nicholas Endicott was a part of this? Sophie once said that can’t tell Nicholas ‘no.’ But Nicholas never killed anyone himself, meaning there’s a contract killer afoot.

It takes a special kind of monster to turn someone else into one.

Gil and Malcolm visit Cyril to see which hitman is working New York at the moment. They look for the Nightingale in the train station. Seeing as there’s a ton of women in the station, Malcolm creates a distraction by fake stabbing a man. He’s waiting to see which woman remains calm through all of this. Dani cuffs her in an alley.

'Prodigal Son' recap "The Professionals"
Jojo Whilden/FOX.

Ainsley wants to take Jessica’s ‘special pal’ Nicholas down. In a flashback to 1999, Nicholas escorts Martin to his cell with wine. He’s responsible for Martin’s sweet digs in exchange for assurances. While having wine, Ainsley lies saying she was following Nicholas to profile him. He’s flattered. Meanwhile, Gil keeps Jessica company.

Malcolm interrogates the Nightingale and it turns out she didn’t kill Eve, she is after Conrad. Whoever killed Eve got close enough to her to sell the suicide angle. JT and Malcolm go to Eve’s apartment to look for clues. They find cameras, but who put them there.

Martin’s new guard, Eddy, is the main suspect and tries to strangle Martin. Malcolm, calling Martin ‘dad,’ gives him strength to fight off Eddy, gouging out his eyeballs. They caught the killer, now they need to keep Endicott from making a deal.

'Prodigal Son' recap "The Professionals"
David Giesbrecht/FOX

Does Nicholas know that Malcolm is on to him? Did Malcolm kill Eddy? I have so many questions leading up next week’s finale!!

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