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‘Prodigal Son’ recap “Scheherazade”

Malcolm is driving himself crazy trying to find out more information on where Sophie’s body is. He invites Eve to meet Martin while abandoning Jessica at a ballet fundraiser. During a performance of Scheherazade, the lead dancer, Javier, falls to the ground dead.

Malcolm and Eve visit Martin. Eve boldly slaps him and asks where Sophie is but Martin doesn’t know. She continues to berate him and Malcolm cuts him off. When he wants more attention, he’ll spill the truth.

'Prodigal Son' recap "Scheherazade"
Cr: David Giesbrecht/FOX

Oleander killed Javier. Someone killed him for money. Their main suspect, the dancer Javier replaced, Joseph. Joseph points them to the female dancers… Susie almost loses her sight when her contact solution was replaced with capsaicin.

Fiona, the lead female dancer is responsible for making another dancer hurt Susie, but she didn’t kill Javier.

'Prodigal Son' recap "Scheherazade"
Cr: David Giesbrecht/FOX

Jessica goes to Nick’s for lunch, a late lunch. Malcolm and Gil visit Nick and Jessica and it’s revealed that Nick helped Javier get out of Cuba because his former troupe was poisoned. Maybe that same person is after Nick for revenge. Fiona says Javier didn’t kill his old troupe but that he’s been off for a few weeks.

Castille, Javier’s old director killed those dancers and is alive. Malcolm does his best leap over the curtain to catch Castille. Castille holds Fiona hostage until Malcolm ‘speaks ballet’ for her to turn away so Gil can shoot Castille. Turns out that Malcolm took ballet for five years.

Martin begins to remember what happened to Sophie. He uses music to trigger these memories. He then calls Malcolm and Eve. Martin says Sophie convinced him to let her go, she doesn’t want to be found. It turns out Sophie knew Nick and says he’s worse than Martin. He lied to stop them (I think). Malcolm in turn, lies to Eve and she sets out to find her sister again.

See you all in 3 weeks for the final episodes of the season!

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