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‘Prodigal Son’ recap “Internal Affairs”

Published on January 27th, 2020 | Updated on January 27th, 2020 | By FanFest

Malcolm meets Dr. Simon Coppenwrath, a police psychiatrist, who evaluates him to help process his trauma. He wants to talk about the incident that occurred last night.

He also interviews the rest of the group who is concerned about his mental state. Jessica even recruited a nurse to help take care of him. He, of course, refuses to go home and rest.

Giovanni Rufino/FOX

Malcolm escapes the nurse and invites himself to a crime scene where a guy was strangled and tortured, contradicting the MO. Malcolm wanders off and hallucinates seeing himself as a boy in one of the graves.

Tristen Johnston was a member of the Vosler cult. The group gets nowhere with Quinten Vosler but Malcolm enrolls to gather intel. Malcolm finds out that Tristen was subjected to electric shock.

Giovanni Rufino/FOX

Nothing is more important than the case… Malcolm explains that he allowed himself to get shocked because he was thinking of the victims, not himself. He also tells Simon that Andy is afraid of Quinten. When they try to escape, she gets kidnapped.

Quinten comes to the station because “they” took Andy and says a man extracts his members. Jessica aids in the investigation as she has the money to attract deprogrammers, one of which, named Curtis, murdered Tristen. Case closed, but not for Malcolm.

Malcolm continues to hallucinate and grabs the ECT machine to shock the visions away. Malcolm then tells Simon about his father trying to kill him and also tells him that the shock therapy helped take the visions away.

Malcolm, however, remembers that Curtis was taking medicine and concludes that Simon is the deprogrammer. Trauma doesn’t just go away because someone tries to understand you. Andy is safe and Malcolm admits that he isn’t ok now but will be.

Malcolm has been sentenced to a mandatory two-week vacation.

Holy plot twist Batman! This episode was wonderful!

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