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‘Prodigal Son’ Recap “Fear Response”

Published on October 7th, 2019 | Updated on October 8th, 2019 | By FanFest

Malcolm was having a night terror when he unconsciously flings himself out a window. He’s trying to fill in the blanks of his childhood and strangely, his father is the only one helping. Unfortunately, no one wants him to see Martin. Until he gets answers, the night terrors will continue and mother will continue to meddle.

The next case involves a brainless professor, no seriously, the killer took the guy’s brain. Except the surgery was performed after professor Holeton died of cardiac arrest. Like clockwork, Martin calls to help.

Barbara Nitke/ FOX.

Holeton was Dr. Elaine Brown’s colleague and Malcolm is fascinated with her work. Never meet your heroes. It turns out that Dr. Brown’s department was using LSD as an experiment and another colleague, Dr. Carl Mitchell was drugged as the next victim. The killer was hurt by Dr. Brown’s experiments and is dosing the victims with enough drugs to induce a heart attack. She leads them to Dominic, who experienced the trip that didn’t end.

Malcolm takes a side quest to ask Dr. Brown for her opinion on his condition. They all link back to fear. The conversation grows uneasy as Malcolm cracks Dominic’s code. Dr. Brown’s tea was laced with LSD, but somehow she manages to shoot Dominic.

Jessica visits Martin for the first time in years and she tells him to stop seeing Malcolm. She basically begs him to end his relationship with Malcolm.

David Giesbrecht/FOX.

Malcolm takes Dr. Brown’s advice and uses some chloroform to help trigger memories. This time, he sees more than his mother is letting on.


Why is Michael Sheen so perfect for this role? Also, I KNEW it! I knew Jessica was not completely unaware of Martin’s hobbies. Can we talk about how quickly Malcolm decoded Dominic’s mask clue? That was insane. I am so impressed with this show and Tom Payne’s acting. Can’t wait until next week.

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