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Prison Break “THE LIAR” Advance Review

Published on April 16th, 2017 | Updated on April 16th, 2017 | By FanFest

Following last week’s shocking ending, we’re back with another new episode of Prison Break and a million new questions needing to be answered such as “Is Michael really a killer” and “What is Michael doing with Abu Ramal”? Will he escape in time? Let’s jump into this week’s episode and see if we can find out!


This episode picks up in Ogygia, with Michael once again proving how many waves one stick of bubble gum can cause. Lincoln,Sheba and C-Note find Michael’s Living Quarters before his imprisonment, and the contents it contains have everybody questioning Michael’s intentions in Ogygia. Speaking of Ogygia, Ramal(newly released into genpop) is wasting no time implementing Sharia Law into the Prison Population. That of course is problematic once Michael’s escape cohort Sid is found to be homosexual.

On the other side of the world, Sara gets approached by T-Bag in a hospital bathroom. Appropriately freaked out(one because it’s in the bathroom and two because, yeah, it’s T-Bag), Sarah cuts the impromptu meeting short but not before finding out that T-Bag too knows about Michael/Kaniel Outis. Lincoln/Sheba make preparations for Michael and Lincoln to escape the country by procuring fake passports but run into a bit of a problem with some less than honorable contacts in San’a’.

As the clock get closer to escape time, Michael’s crew is having serious thoughts on not only their importance in the grand scheme of things, but the worth of Michael’s promises. If you thought Michael had a tough time keeping the Fox River Five together, these guys seem to be immeasurably worse. Back in New York, Sara has a close brush with the agents that have been coming after her since the premiere(Who are working for a as yet unnamed entity known only as POSEIDON). They hack into her phone, but due to some quick thinking (and come on, she’s been through the ringer for 3 seasons and gained knowledge from her time with Michael), she employs some impromptu counter espionage and finds out that someone that she knows seems to be up to their old games again.

Back in Ogygia, the moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived: It’s Prison Breakin’ Time! I will be honest, this scene is unlike any of the Previous “breaks” and is a very crazy way to cap off this episode. Occasionally, you see episode advertisements on shows with such quotes as “You will not be able to guess what will happen next.” If ever that quote was perfectly acceptable to use, it would be on the last part of the episode.

All in all, this was another fantastic episode that will have you clamoring for the next one as soon as the credits roll. In every episode, I pick an actor who gives their all and it shows and in this episode, Wentworth Miller’s star is shining bright. We see the whole range of emotions from Michael in this episode, and Wentworth kills it in every single scene, of which there is alot in this episode.  I’m  also glad that T-Bag was definitely more toned down in this episode, as the writing of his character in the premiere left a lot to be desired. Kudos to the writer’s for letting a little bit more of “the creep” out, even if he is a reformed “creep”.It’s hard to believe we are already 1/3 of the way done with this season, but at the pace this show is going, I don’t know how they will continue to deliver for another 6 episodes, but I’ll be back next week with my review of episode 4  and it is going to be a crazy one!

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