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Prison Break “KANIEL OUTIS” Advance Review

Published on April 9th, 2017 | Updated on April 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

      Last week, following a 8 year absence Prison Break returned to televisions with a brand new season. For the most part, it was an extremely well done episode that kept me hooked until the very last scene: Lincoln and C-Note make it to Yemen, and with a little help they are able to get inside Ogygia Prison, only to find what we are assuming is Michael using the name Kaniel Outis(A Known Terrorist) and apparently  having no recollection of Lincoln. Was that a ploy to try to get Lincoln to leave or is it really just a doppelganger?
How will Sara react when she sees the video footage? Let’s see if we’ll find out on this week’s episode, titled “Kaniel Outis”.


Lincoln and C-Note are separated by their thoughts on what happened. Lincoln still firmly believes “Kaniel” was Michael, while C-Note is having his doubts. While trying to figure out what’s going on, Lincoln notices the shadows of somebody kneeling by their door. He opens the door quickly, causing the person to flee with Lincoln giving chase. The streets in Yemen are full of people, which causes the spy to get away with relative ease. Dejected, Lincoln heads back to C-Note only to find that not all hope was lost:the spy left SOMETHING. Unable to figure the clue out(and who the Shiek of Light is), they head to C-Note’s contact Sheba, who maintains her refusal  to help Lincoln due to his brother being “Kaniel Outis”. Lincoln maintains that his brother is not Kaniel, and offers her a proposition that is too good to give up for her help.

Meanwhile in New York, Sara gets a text message from Lincoln containing the video that C-Note shot while in the prison. Without giving her response away, I will say that Sarah Wayne Callies is once again just killing it on this show.
She decides to start doing a little digging on her own which leads her to the US States Department. There she meets a familar face of Prison Break’s past who reveals some shocking  new information. Needless to say, characters are starting to realize how massive and widespread this Kaniel Outis conspiracy goes. In true Prison Break fashion, it leaves more questions than it answers.

Throughout this, Michael/Kaniel is trying to orchestrate another prison escape, with things not going so smoothly. With time ticking away, Michael/Kaniel sets in motion his next plan which in his words “will have ramifications felt all the way on the other side of the world” with the unlikeliest of items:a stick of bubblegum. Sheba’s help deciphering the clue leads Lincoln/C-Note to the Suburbs, which is not as pleasant as it sounds. It’s a blocked off part of the city that is run by ISIL fighters and leads to some truly terrifying encounters on their side as they get closer to finding the Sheik of Light. Michael/Kaniel, using the bubblegum, does set a plan that eventually leads to a pizza delivery on the other side of planet (New York to be exact) with an additional request: Deliver the pizza with a Origami Rose. Back on Michael/Kaniel’s side, the escape clock keeps ticking to 24 hours away. The show ends this week with a scene that will absolutely throw you for a loop.


This new season continues to surprise me with both it’s quality and ingenious use of new technology since the show last ended. While there are some time gripes in this show(The escape plan ready to go in 1 episode due to the shorter 9 episode run), everything is still moving at such a fast pace
that you don’t have time to really think too hard on it. Initially, I was hesitant of the overseas locations being a focal point as the last time they were a main focus(Sona in Season 3) I felt the season was subpar. With 2 episodes in the books however, I clearly can say that I am completely wrong. The tension and dread in this location and the scenes set in them, ranks up there with some of the tensest moments in the series in my opinion. It also makes the show feel fresh again, and not just a retread of “[Insert Name Here] escapes from prison.” I will say that the use of past characters,(including those who popped up in this episode) are superb. Following this week’s ending and with the escape  likely going down in the next episode or two, I honestly have no clue how this will go. The amazing thing with this season, to quote professional wrestler “Rowdy” Rodder Pipper, is “Just when you think you know all the answers, [They] change the questions”. Im really looking forward to seeing the fallout of this episode and the fans reaction to it!

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