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Full Scene Preview of ‘The Walking Dead’s ‘The Calm Before’ Episode

Published on March 21st, 2019 | Updated on March 21st, 2019 | By FanFest

Nowadays it takes a lot for someone to take notice and stop scrolling. Something appalling, something fantastic, or in my case something about one of my favorite television shows. Yesterday when I noticed the following tweet on Twitter I did just that though.

I immediately felt the need upon seeing this tweet yesterday to get my tissues ready. While there have not been many moments to make me truly cry on The Walking Dead, normally because I’m too shocked by what has occurred on screen to cry, I find myself thinking I need to prepare. The difficult part about watching any apocalyptic show, or film, is that the future appears dismal. Audiences constantly lose our favorite characters. The Walking Dead has no qualms about killing off our favorite characters, but sometimes because Robert Kirkman did so first. Regardless, I thought Maybe the Harvest Festival wont be as bad as everyone thinks. My denial is strong despite knowing that the festival makes the introduction to Negan look like child’s play.

Then I saw this tweet via another talented writer here:

This raises so many questions. Who is missing? Could they be looking for Ezekiel and Rosita? My assumption comes from the second remark made in the initial tweet above. Are they looking for a larger group of people in general? I cannot help but think that the world as we knew it is about to explode. Grenades are about to land in the trenches of the world that we have come to know over the past nine seasons. Characters we have grown to love are going to die. Regardless of our love for these characters we cannot hold them close forever. This is as inevitable as the introduction of a new villain.

Despite knowing how treacherous The Governor was and how the horrible things Negan did, Alpha is a whole other beast. This world has made her lose any empathy she might have had in her at one point. Though after seeing her murder her husband earlier this season I find it hard to believe that she had any empathy for anyone. She slapped her own daughter upon finding her in the apocalypse. Despite the gruesome nature of this past Sunday’s episode, Scars, we understand why Michonne made the decision she did. She saved the little girl she has taken under her wing. She saved Judith. She saved her daughter.  Could you imagine Michonne slapping Judith?  No.

Between Alpha, and the man who refuses to die in Beta, our group is clearly embattled.  They are about to be in for the fight of their life whether they want to fight or not. In many ways I want to believe what occurs in the comics is imminent.  This still does not prepare me in the slightest. If they switched some of the deaths up though that could provide an intriguing plot twist.  Of course if the deaths that take place in the comics happen on the show this will lead to devastation I never thought we would see on The Walking Dead.  Considering that we have literally watched a man get his head bashed in with a barbed wire bat that says a lot.

Who do you think the group is looking for in the clip? Do you think any major character death will occur in this episode?  Do you think they are going to wait for the finale?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and make sure to tune into The Walking Dead this Sunday on AMC.


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