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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap ‘Till Death Do Us Part’

Published on June 28th, 2017 | Updated on June 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

It’s time- The two-hour Pretty Little Finale is here!

It’s a year later and things are looking up for the liars: Ezria’s book might become a movie and their wedding is soon. Emison had twins-Grace and Lily. Caleb and Hanna are still married and trying for a baby.

Mona is staying with Hanna and Caleb for a little while and she is still acting sketchy. She goes to Ezra and Aria’s bachelor/bachelorette party wearing a Melissa mask and black hoodie. Hanna ultimately decides to kick Mona out because it’s upsetting Caleb.

Aria gets a mysterious call in the middle of the night and Spencer finds her crying in the lobby saying she can’t marry Ezra. It was a call from her doctor-she can’t have kids. Ezra comforts her and assures her that there are other ways to have children. The wedding is still on even though Ezra is hurt that Aria knew for so long.

Toby begins flirting with Spencer at the rehearsal dinner. Spoby is back!

Ali and Emily’s mom are being very secretive and Emily confronts Ali about why they’re being so secretive and ruins her very romantic marriage proposal.

Mona goes to Spencer’s and knocks her out. When she wakes up, she’s in a room with what she thinks is a mirror. There is another Spencer and Mary Drake. Mary escaped from jail!

The other Spencer (Alex) has an accent and tells the real Spencer about meeting Wren and how she found out about everything. It turns out that Alex has been impersonating Spencer for quite a while. This is a super twisted twist.

Alex killed Wren? Who is this chick? Wren is Ali’s baby daddy! Holy crap!

Alex says that Sydney and Jenna worked for her, but now they are useless. She also admits that she was in on all of Charlotte’s plans.

Ezra apparently texts Aria that he isn’t coming to the wedding. That’s because he’s locked up like Spencer is but Aria thinks it’s because of their fight.

Jenna gets a hint that Spencer isn’t Spencer and calls Toby. Toby puts two and two together and tells the liars. No one believes him, but it makes total sense:

Alex Drake= A.D.

Mona tells the liars that Spencer does have a twin and that she knows where Spencer and Ezra are.

Spencer and Ezra escape, but they can’t get out. The rest of the liars find the hideout and go in after them.

Alex has an ax and wants to kill Spencer. In the middle of the fight, Toby breaks it up and asks the girls what Spencer’s favorite poem is. The real Spencer answers and the cops show up to arrest Alex.

Aria and Ezra get married! I. Marlene King is their wedding photographer. #cameo

Hanna is pregnant and Aria is off on her honeymoon. For once, all of the liars are happy at the same time.

As for Mary and Alex Drake, Mona has them locked in a simulated doll house in France.


Back in Rosewood, Addison’s group is having a sleepover and it is very similar to the original sleepover. History does tend to repeat itself.

What did you think of the finale?


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