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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap ‘These Boots were Made for Stalking’

Published on April 25th, 2017 | Updated on April 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Previously on PLL Endgame, the liars received a board game, Liar’s Lament. It’s kind of like Jumanji and Life put together. And if you remember, Spencer started playing.

Who made the game? Who knows they killed Rollins? And who is Emily’s new student, Addison? Remind you of anyone?

So many questions…

This Addison seems so much worse than Alison ever was. Students like her are making Alison freak out about the possibility of birthing a monster like them.  Addison tells Paige that Emily is inappropriate with her and some of the other teammates. She evens shows Paige a picture of Emily and Alison hugging. Paige says she’s going to handle it.

Spencer gives over Mary Drake’s letter to Furey and asks him to keep an eye out for her. When he tells Spencer what he knows about Mary and none other than Jenna Marshall walks into the station. Jenna says that Noel was after her as well and that he killed Sarah Harvey.

Hanna is seconds away from booking a client, except the client loves a dress that Hanna didn’t completely create. Caleb is siding with Mona on this though. Another major flaw, Jenna is seen walking around wearing the same dress in white. So Caleb and Hanna follow Jenna. Hanna finds herself trapped in a shoe store with some very graphic flashbacks.

Aria is hanging out with Holden and is upset because Ezra keeps putting off their wedding. She helps him prepare a rehearsal dinner. She sees an article of Ezra and Nicole being reunited and rushes out to visit Nicole. Presumably she’s going to tell Nicole about her and Ezra. Holden convinces her not to.

Emily, taking the night off, goes to the Brew and sees Jenna texting someone. She hears a text tone and it’s coming from… Addison. She demands to play the game. Alison goes with her and they receive footage of Addison with her boyfriend when she should’ve been at practice.

Emily blackmails Addison and is rewarded with a puzzle piece. The liars now have 2 pieces, what could it be?



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