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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap ‘Power Play’

Published on May 9th, 2017 | Updated on May 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

Ok, so thanks to Hanna we know what happens when we lose our turn.

Ezra finally comes home, albeit to fetch Nicole and take her back to the hospital, but Aria doesn’t want to stick around for that. Ezra tells Aria that he was instructed not to tell Nicole about the engagement. He apologizes for neglecting her the past few weeks and that Nicole coming back doesn’t affect their relationship.

Aria crashes at Ali’s and so is the game board… Ali calls Spencer thinking she moved it, only to find that Spencer has early morning company. The game board hasn’t decided who’s turn it is. The only decision that has been made is that Ali is going to terminate her pregnancy.

Mr. Hastings is back. He went looking for Mary Drake but didn’t find anything. Spencer swipes a business card for a private investigator from her dad’s briefcase and it leads her and Hanna to Pastor Ted’s house. He used to be engaged to Hanna’s mom so they suspect nothing, although Mary is actually hiding out there.

Furey meets Ali at work and reveals that the finger he received belongs to Arthur Dunhill AKA Elliot Rollins AKA Ali’s husband and the father of her unborn child. He also says that the finger was cut from a body that had been decomposing for a while so now the Rosewood P.D. is looking at this as a homicide.

The game has finally decided: Ali. It gives her coordinates to a mystery location.

Aria gets a video chat request and it’s presumably A.D. telling her that if Ezra saw her file, he’d chose Nicole.  She takes her game piece and throws it.

Aria goes with Ali to the mystery location, but gets a video request. A.D. says that someone moved her game piece and she tells him she wants out. She is told to meet him at another location. Meanwhile, Ali is told to pick 10 items at the baby store.

Ali gets her puzzle piece but also finds out that Emily’s eggs , the ones that were stolen a while back, were planted inside her. She decides to keep the baby.

Aria hops in a very suspicious limo. It’s Sydney!?! SYDNEY IS A.D.!!! Nope, never mind, she is getting messages through an earpiece…

Ted goes to visit Hanna and says he knows where Mary is. He also knew Charles AKA CeCe because Charles was his son. And Lucas was Charles’ only friend.

The connections are starting to make sense, not really but they’re starting to!

Spencer’s dad tells her everything he knows. Even that Mary killed Jessica.

The game picks Hanna again. What is it going to make her do now? And will Aria make a decision?

Next episode will be in 2 weeks and will be directed by Spencer herself, Troian Bellisario! I can’t wait!

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