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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap ‘Playtime’

Published on April 18th, 2017 | Updated on April 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

The last time we saw the liars, they were trapped in a house with Noel and Jenna and a gun. Spencer got shot, Noel was beheaded and Mary Drake is Spencer’s mom!? Oh and Alison is pregnant.

Spencer is rushed to the hospital and Toby and Ivonne are not far behind. He and Ivonne were in a car accident, Toby is ok but Ivonne is in a coma. Ezra is back from his trip (Nicole is safe) and Haleb are a thing again! Emily and Paige are now working at Rosewood High in the athletic department. It makes Alison uncomfortable but then again, she’s having Elliot’s baby so everything makes her uncomfortable.

All of the liars get an SOS from Spencer. There’s a package from A.D.

It’s Playtime- A.D.

It’s a game.

Endgame bitches

Hanna wants to torch it. Emily suggests they play.

They calm down, sort of. Aria is freaking out over her engagement with Ezra, Alison is upset about Paige and the baby, Emily is upset because Alison is upset… None of the liars are ok.

Spencer goes to the police station and officer Furey says she was actually shot with a .22 not a .45 like she thought. So there were two shooters and Mary and Jenna are missing… very suspicious.

Hanna and Aria are wedding planning for Aria and Holden shows up. Hanna bails to see Mona and a new fashion client. Holden and Aria run into Ezra and he says that he needs to go to New York to see Nicole.

Spencer’s mom comes home and she tells her mother everything. Mrs. Hastings doesn’t deny Mary being Spencer’s real mom, but she does explain how everything happened.

Jessica DiLaurentis told her about Mary one day and that Mary was unstable and pregnant. Turns out Mr. Hastings thought he had a an affair with Jessica, but it turns out that it was Mary.

Spencer runs out to the barn and gets a text… from A.D. She starts playing the creepy game. It tells her to go visit Toby for a reward.

She obeys and when she gets back to the barn, the game has her prize: its a puzzle piece and a note. Mary did what she did to get back at her sister and the Hastings and she wants Spencer’s forgiveness.

Paige and Emily discuss Alison when Spencer sends out another SOS.

The liars have to keep playing.

Winner take all.

Stay tuned to see what the liars are forced to do next. #PLLEndGame

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