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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap ‘Hold Your Piece’

Published on May 2nd, 2017 | Updated on May 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

We are now in episode 3 and the liars have acquired 2 puzzle pieces. Maybe they’ll get another tonight.

A screaming baby? The game tells you when to play now? That’s really annoying and kind of creepy… It finally shuts up when Hanna gets it.

It’s Hanna’s turn to play. She is told to open her apartment door but Caleb opens it instead… it’s Hanna, well a doll of her. So now he’s apart of the game. The doll talks and says to look in the appendix.

Lucas offers to help Hanna with her fashion problem, an online blogger  says the dress Hanna made was stolen. He gives her the day to come up with something good to prove that she’s a good investment.

After searching every book in the apartment, Hanna figures out what appendix the doll means… She pulls out a plastic bag that says “wear me” on it. It’s a very, very short kimono and the investors just so happen to be Japanese.

Meanwhile,  Aria and Emily are stalking Sydney online, she’s probably the mole for that blogger, they decide to get some answers. Aria has turned into a mini Caleb as her and Emily hack Sydney’s phone. Sydney says she wasn’t anywhere near the blind school and that she wishes that she and Jenna stayed apart when Sydney went off to school. Of course this is all a lie.

Sydney goes to drop off a payment for a surgical procedure at an eye doctor. It’s for Jenna. Is she getting a new pair of eyes? Is Sydney A.D.? Emily and Aria confront her about it and Sydney says she represents a donor who wants to remain anonymous. (A.D.?)

Aria still doesn’t believe her so she puts a GPS tracker in her bag.

Spencer comes home from her ping pong/ coffee date with Furey to find Caleb messing with the game. Spencer gets them some beer. The game attacks Caleb with some smoke or something and he is unable to breathe.

Hanna bites the bullet and goes to meet Lucas. Ironically Caleb’s inability to breathe saves Hanna from blowing her meeting. Caleb is ok, thank god!

Because Hanna never made it to her meeting so she lost her puzzle piece…

At the hospital, Yvonne is finally out of the coma and her and Toby get married! They share their wedding cake and discuss honeymoon destinations. She dies shortly after the conversation.

Aria tries to get a hold of Ezra and someone is in their apartment with her… Nicole?!?

Next week we are promised answers to old mysteries- one being, who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis and why? I want to know answers to all of the mysteries! WHY is Nicole with Aria and not Ezra??? What is going on?

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