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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap ‘Farewell, My Lovely’

Published on June 20th, 2017 | Updated on June 20th, 2017 | By FanFest

There is one episode left… say it isn’t so!

Remember last time, that Aria’s secret was exposed and that she was stopped by the cops with Dunhill/Rollins’ body stuffed in the trunk? Oh and Mona has the game.

Tanner now has arrest warrants for the liars and they think that Mona is A.D. Ezra says that the edge they have on A.D. is that they can forgive, but they are losing that edge because they’re still icing Aria out.

Mona isn’t A.D., she receives a note saying It’s time for pie. Be there.

Mary Drake, knowing the fate of the liars, gives Spencer and Ali The Lost Woods, then leaves.

Ali begins worrying about what will happen to her baby is they get arrested. Aria goes to the police station to turn herself in. Ezra stops her. Ezra tries to convince her to leave since she has been cleared.

I have a Master’s degree in American Literature, there is nothing I can’t handle.- Ezra

Except, the body was taken from Aria’s trunk.

Spencer, Caleb and Hanna follow Mona to the Two Crows restaurant but she’s still waiting for someone. Caleb sneaks off to talk to Mona. He tells her to turn herself in, but she doesn’t have the game anymore… Someone took it.

A.D. puts a note on Mona’s receipt, she rushes out and the three find a secret passage way leading to town. That’s how she escaped and Spencer and Caleb go down after her. Caleb breaks the good news to Spencer.

Emily and Ali wake up to find the game in their living room. Aria and Ezra pick them up and and try to find the others.

Hanna finds her way to the church, where Charlotte died, and she goes up to the steeple. Mona is up there dressed like she did before Ali went missing in the first place. Mona revealed that she met Charlotte up there and killed her.

Caleb and Spencer get there before Mona pushes Hanna out the window, and they earn two puzzle pieces.

They put the puzzle pieces in the game and they win the location of the body: Aunt Carol’s.

Aria suggests that they walk away from the game, so they don’t end up like Mona; as they do, Tanner busts them.

At the police station, the girls are freaking out, Spencer says they need to tell the truth even though they won’t get off.

Mary Drake tells Tanner that she killed Dunhill because he was going to turn her in for killing her sister. The girls are free to go.

You’re not criminals, not really. Try to remember that. – Tanner

Mona tells the girls that she took care of Charlotte for them, but nothing goes as planned with her. She wasn’t supposed to kill Charlotte, only scare her. But during a fight, Mona pushes Charlotte into a pipe and that’s what killed her.

The game dies and the girls want to believe that A.D. doesn’t have any leverage on them.


Questions from this episode: Where are the rest of the secret passages located? Why did Mona think Hanna was Charlotte? Are the liars going to turn Mona in? Why did Mary Drake take the fall for Dunhill/ Rollins’ murder.

The list of questions is getting smaller and next week is the finale, so we’ll know the answer to the biggest question of all: Who is A.D.? (hopefully) See you next week for the final episode ever…



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