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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap ‘Driving Miss Crazy’

Published on June 6th, 2017 | Updated on June 6th, 2017 | By FanFest

During dance lessons with Ezra, Aria misses some calls from A.D. He/she wants her to give something to Spencer or else.

Furey goes to visit Hanna about the flood at the Radley. She doesn’t give him anything but he lets her know that he has more evidence despite losing the credit card slip.

Hanna’s mom, Ashley, is back in town and says Furey suspects Caleb of starting the flood.

Spencer’s family is packing up their house to sell it and Aria brings over food, and A.D.’s gift… It’s a recording of Mr. Hastings talking with Mary Drake about killing and burying Jessica DeLaurentis, it’s evidence that he was involved. Spencer then finds the source of the message a burner phone in a moving box.

Mona knows the doctor who gave Emily’s eggs to Ali. They pretend to be a couple to interview and he is clearly guilty. Mona steals a magazine with his address on it. They later confront him again but all he can give them is the baby daddy’s ID number.

Aria calls Spencer and they talk about the recording when Ezra walks in and let’s her listen to their first dance song. She’s still upset about joining the dArk side and Ezra thinks is still about him and Nicole… Hopefully she tells him soon.

Spencer has a run in Furey, and when she goes to drive away, Mary pops up from the backseat and tells her to drive.

Mary says she didn’t leave the burner phone in the house but explains everything. She says that the pills were meant for her, not Jessica.

Spencer confronts her dad about the plot to kill Mary and he admits to it. Mrs. Hastings announces that she’s giving up the senate seat and they aren’t moving.

Aria has a dream of her in a jail with a toilet paper veil and Mona singing “Jail House Rock” not only that but Ezra is a prisoner and he’s very bruised and beat up. Mrs. Hastings is officiating and says some pretty nasty things making Aria wake up. She goes down to the café to retrieve her puzzle pieces from A.D.

Ashley visits Caleb and Hanna but asks Caleb why he’s in her life. He responds with the sweetest proposal ever!

They go off the grid, very reminiscent of earlier in their relationship, and exchange cigar wrapper rings, making their engagement official.

Mary wants Spencer to leave with her, but Spencer isn’t going. Mary asks for forgiveness for everything that’s happened and Spencer already has.

Aria breaks into Ali’s house to put her puzzle pieces in the game and is rewarded with the paper she filed on Ezra when she was still in high school.

Mona goes back to her apartment and woah! It’s very similar to A’s lair… What?

Questions from the episode: why does Mona have the shovels that Hanna was looking for? And why does her apartment look like A’s lair? Will Aria ever tell Ezra? What’s going to happen to Spencer’s’ parents? How will Caleb get Furey off his tail? And who is Ali’s baby daddy?

Hopefully the list questions starts to get smaller. See you all next week for another episode.



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