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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap ‘Choose or Lose’

Published on June 13th, 2017 | Updated on June 13th, 2017 | By FanFest

Hey liars we only have two episodes left. the end is coming… but first, someone has to win the game.

The police are searching the liars’ places. Detective Tanner is back and has replaced Furey? And Toby is back! What is going on here?

Hanna’s mom lent them all a room to stay in until its all over. The game found them. It wants them to choose one of them to confess and the rest will go free. They have 36 hours.

Mona suspects that Aria is on the A.D. team- how’d she find out? The liars want solid proof. And they get it… They meet Aria before Aria can meet A.D.

Aria says she did it to protect Ezra and she panicked. All of the girls are pissed.

Tanner calls them all in for questioning- together. She gives them a list of evidence but the liars don’t say anything.

Spencer tries to forgive Aria but can’t. But she’ll try.

Aria gets her stuff back because A.D. sent Tanner evidence that Aria “was in New Hampshire” when Rollins/Dunhill was murdered. Now Spencer will never forgive her… she leaves to go to Toby’s cabin.

Oh how I’ve missed Spoby.

Aria tells Ezra everything and it turns out that he knew about the file and he doesn’t mind.

Caleb takes Hanna to the Justice of the Peace Caly Johnson and they get married!

Every couple is having a wonderful evening, because it could be their last.

Time is almost up and everyone, except Aria, is present. Spencer smashes the phone and Caleb gets a hit on the game’s location.

Aria calls A.D. to tell her that she’s going to turn herself in. She’s too late and her phone burned up in her hand. She gets in her car and Dunhill’s body is in her trunk.

Caleb and Ezra track the game to Mona’s place.

Questions from tonight’s episode: Will the liars forgive Aria? How will she explain Dunhill’s body to the cops? Why does Mona have the game and how’d she know about Aria? What’s going to happen to the liars?

See you next week for more answers.



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