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Preacher “Monster Swamp” Review

Published on June 21st, 2016 | Updated on June 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

The phone is ringing, oh my… God? (that’s right a Beastie Boys lyric)

Preacher continues to improve on a weekly basis and “Monster Swamp” was no different. I’m going to try something a little different with this weeks review (sorry it’s late I had something come up Sunday and didn’t get to watch the episode till late last night) and just hit the high points. Here we go

  • Cassidy is the one character who has perfect chemistry with everyone it seems. Really enjoyed his interactions with the government officials from Heaven. I was comforted in seeing that he wasn’t just going to give Jesse up to them, and when it came to explaining them to Jesse it was more or less a jumbled mess, and kind of scammed them for some money. Cause what do vampires need money for? To get drunk/high and have sex with hookers of course! That’s something different but still way better than glitter. I hate glitter vampires.
  • Can we all agree that this town is super messed up? The opening with the women in their underwear being chased by men with guns was disturbing. The reveal that the guns were filled with paint only made it a little better, but one has to believe there is some deep underlining darkness in a town that would allow that to happen. Did anyone else notice the school bus driving around in the background? Super creepy, especially when you consider what we know about the driver.
  • We started to get a bigger picture of Odin this week, and while he’s not the mayor he certainly seems to run this town. His speech at the sight of the mud hole death (what the hell was that?!) was humorous, but highlighted how much he either doesn’t understand people or care about them. It was like he was talking to children who were running in the house and not grown people doing ridiculous sex fueled games that result in crazy random deaths. Also apparently when he’s done with conversations he pees in your briefcase. That’s cool (“don’t look at me” hahahaha)
  • Tulip was not about how the town just shrugged off the mud hole death. Some of her back story is starting to flesh out and we learned that she once lived in a whore house with her mother, and it’s that experience that allows her to see them as people and not like objects. A totally different point of view than the rest of the town. It was clearly evident that Tulip was all types of pissed with Odin’s speech and wanted to see some sort of avenging for the actions of these horn dogs. Something that came into play later with the mistaken attack on Cassidy. This was also the first episode that showed us that Tulip could exist without having to pursue Jesse. I liked that.
  • We also got a glimpse of Jesse’s past, and learned that at an early age he was a bit of a thief (I’ll just take this ashtray thank you very much). I’m starting to get a feeling that Jesse’s father was mixed in with the wrong people (I know it seems like quite the obvious theory) and his meeting with Odin was something that ran a lot deeper than getting him to church. On top of that I believe Jesse’s father held him to a standard that was impossible to achieve. Yes he is the preacher’s son but to make him the pillar of everything that’s supposed to be good? How could that not manipulate him into wanting to dip his toe in the dark side. It’s the simplest act of child rebellion.
  • Giving a flat screen TV away will absolutely get people to go to church. Although if you don’t win does that mean God doesn’t love you or that you’ve sinned too much?
  • Jesse’s meeting with Odin was an excellent scene, and you can tell that Jesse is using him as the first domino to push. If he can win over the true power of the town then the rest of the sheep will follow. The sermon in the church was wonderfully acted by Dominic Cooper and seemed like the first time he used the space demon voice to recruit someone into this army of faith that he’s looking to build. I’m curious to see how long the space demon spell lasts and when (if) it wears off what Odin’s going to be like. This could be the start of a bigger war within the town.
  • I continue to love Emily and did we see the start of a romance brewing between her and Jesse? There totally seemed like some tension there.
  • Tulip knocking Cassidy out the window was great introduction for these two, and now she knows he’s a vampire. That should be an interesting relationship going forward. You have the government officials from heaven trying to get Cassidy to hand over Jesse, and one has to think that Tulip will try and use him to convince Jesse to go after Eric. At what point does Cassidy get stretched to thin?
  • Speaking of our boys from heaven… who do you guys think is calling? Is it heaven directly? We learned this week that heaven might not actually know that they’re down there which could mean a couple of different things. That heaven isn’t aware the space demon escaped and they’re acting under the radar. Or… they are trying to use the space demon for something else entirely and are trying to pull that off before they get caught. Either way these two are super interesting.

There you have it Geeklings! Sorry the review was so late. I promise it’ll be on time next week. Until then Geeklings, until then.


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