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‘Power Rangers Beast Morphers’ Star Kristina Ho Talks Playing Betty Burke and More! (Interview)

Published on August 1st, 2019 | Updated on August 1st, 2019 | By FanFest

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the mighty talented star of Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Kristina Ho. Ho stars on the series as the comedic and ambitious character Betty Burke.

In addition to starring in Power Rangers Beach Morphers, Ho has also appeared in several films and television series including The Last Ship, RomCom, The Unhallowed, and Beast Mode. 

When she’s not crushing it on screen, Kristina enjoys exploring the world. She has a deep passion for nature and loves cooking for her friends and family.

We spoke with her about her experience filming the widely popular television show and much more. Check out the full interview below.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers
CR: Nickelodeon/Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Jules Valenti: Have you always been a fan of the ‘Power Rangers’ series growing up?

Kristina Ho: I actually didn’t get to watch the series while growing up, but my brother was a HUGE fan. He keeps asking me to tell production to bring him back as a ranger next season! Haha

JV: When getting into the character of Betty Burke, do you have a routine to get into that character mindset?

KH: Well, I pretty much get all of my comedy inspiration from Friends. I watch that show every single night (literally fall asleep to it!) But to get into the character mindset when I’m shooting on set, I just have to constantly be in the mode of wanting to help out the Rangers in any way I possibly can. (Even if it means that I have to drag my brother into a most-likely dangerous situation)

JV: The ‘Power Rangers’ series has been around since the ’90s and has a growing fan population. What does it mean for you to have your name attached to this iconic titular series?

KH: Being a part of a show that has been running for this long is a huge honor. But, also intimidating since we have such big shoes to fill. We don’t want to let anyone down. Every castmate in this show has poured their hearts and their soul into creating their characters. We’re so passionate about our job that we literally give our ALL. We’ve all definitely lost a good amount of sleep during this job, but it’s been worth it. The fans of this show have been SO supportive, loving, and amazing. I seriously love all of them. I can’t wait to meet them in the future.

JV: Do you have a favorite on-set memory or funny story that you could share with us?

KH: YES. There was one day where we filmed on this gorgeous beach in the middle of New Zealand summer. After we wrapped, the whole cast just jumped in the ocean and went for a swim. We all swam to this floating dock in the middle of the ocean, and we were jumping off of it and doing flips. I will never, ever forget it. It was absolutely beautiful.

JV: Out of all the people you’ve worked with on set – who would you say you learned from the most and what have you learned from them?

KH: Chip Lynn, Our amazing Executive Producer. He’s a living proof that if you care about something enough, you can create it, but also change the world with it, as well. He cares about every single thing that goes into Power Rangers. He’s probably the most selfless guy on set. Constantly asking others how they’re doing – checking up on all of us. He’s always pushing us to not only be the best actors we can be but the best humans that we can be. He once said at a dinner that we are never too old to try something new. And I love that. I feel like sometimes we think that we’re too old to try a new profession or to try a new hobby, but Chip says that we don’t ever stop learning.

Kristina Ho - Power Rangers
Photographer: Jonatan Villafana

JV: Are there any characteristics of Betty Burke that you see in yourself?

KH: I relate to Betty a lot in the sense where we are both courageous, ambitious, loud, and will always try to do what is right and help out whenever we can. I think I’m definitely “the helper” in my friend group. I want everyone to be okay and happy – usually putting others before myself, just like Betty (which I am constantly learning that even though it is nice to help people, I just can’t forget about helping myself and taking care of myself!)

JV: What are your hopes for the series in the future as it continues to grow? Is there anything you would be looking forward to in particular in a second season?

KH: I hope the fans grow to love the show more as the series continues. I know that I definitely do. Every time we have a new table read, our minds are always blown away – especially in the second season. The second season gets crazy. I can’t wait until the fans see what Betty gets to do!

JV: You’ve accomplished so much at your young age! If you could give one piece of advice to other actors/actresses looking to start their career – what advice would you give them?

KH: Work hard, but be gentle on yourself. There definitely has to be that balance. This industry is going to try to beat you up. There are going to be so many rejections. So you need to have your own back. You need to love yourself because you are all that you’ve got. Take care of your mental, emotional, physical, and (if you’re into it) spiritual health. In this industry, people are going to try to define you or tell you what they think you need to do to be “a successful actor.” ALWAYS stay true to yourself. Listen to your gut. What works for one person, might not work for someone else. Everyone has their own path! So just be patient with yourself and figure out what works for you.


Sending a big thank you to Kristina Ho for taking time out to chat with us. Be sure to catch Power Rangers Beast Morphers on Nickelodeon, and follow Kristina on her social media pages: InstagramTwitter & Facebook. You can see full episodes of the show and dive into more videos HERE.

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