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Pollyanna McIntosh Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Movies are Moving Full Speed Ahead

Published on December 1st, 2018 | Updated on December 5th, 2018 | By FanFest

Fan Fest San Jose is in full swing at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center December 1st and 2nd and cast members from The Walking Dead are in attendance.

The Walking Dead star Pollyanna McIntosh took to the panel stage with fellow cast mates Christian Serratos and Seth Gilliam as well as former cast member (and now periodic episode director) Michael Cudlitz. During the panel, McIntosh dished some details on the upcoming expansion of The Walking Dead universe.

Following Andrew Lincoln’s final episode of The Walking Dead, fans were thrilled to learn that Rick Grimes’ story will be continuing with a new set of Walking Dead films. The films will pick up with Rick’s story shortly after the events which transpired in his final television episode. At the end of the episode, it seems that Rick sacrifices himself for the survival of his family, but we find that he is still alive, but far from being well, and in Jadis’s (McIntosh) care. Her mysterious helicopters have scooped him up and are taking him somewhere to hopefully recuperate.

While we know that Lincoln will be leading the films, fans have also been speculating that McIntosh might also be playing a big role in the production since it was her character who saved Rick Grimes. At Walker Stalker Con San Jose, McIntosh all but confirmed that she will be playing a role in the films. She said:

“Yeah, it’s being spoken about by Gimple now so I can be very clear in assuming. We’re going to see where Rick is, so she would be there. That’s a long winded way to say yeah, I hope so. Things are in process right now. It’s exciting. I’m not ready to leave her behind yet.”

If McIntosh were to reprise her The Walking Dead role, the fans in San Jose wanted to know, would she be reprising her role as Jadis or as Jadis’ alter-ego, Anne. Her Jadis personality is clearly more focused on her own survival whereas Anne appears to be more of a team player which is useful to the group. McIntosh had a very straightforward answer for the fans. She said:

“She’s always been Jadis. Whether she’s choosing to be considered as Ann or not at this point is a good question, but I don’t think she needs to be Anne anymore.”

McIntosh also said that we’ll be learning more about Jadis’ past and the community to which she and Rick are traveling. She said:

“There will definitely be more of an understanding of the community that they came from and that I’m going to with them, so yes.”

We can’t wait to see how Jadis’ storyline will continue within The Walking Dead universe.

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The Walking Dead is on its mid-season break but will return with new episode on Sunday, February 10th on AMC.


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