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Pollyanna McIntosh, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Michael Cudlitz Talk Trials of Love on ‘The Walking Dead’

Published on December 6th, 2018 | Updated on December 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

Fan Fest San Jose took place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center December 1st and 2nd and cast members from The Walking Dead were in attendance.

Seth Gilliam (Gabriel), Christian Serratos (Rosita), Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis) and Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) were all on a panel together, and talked about all things past and present on The Walking Dead.

The panel was called Love Hurts, as those characters have all had flings and relationships with one another. Rosita and Abraham had initially dated for a while in the apocalypse, and he broke it off and then dated Sasha. Gabriel and Jadis had a short lived fling before she ran off with Rick that ended in Jadis turning on him for now wanting to leave with her. Now, 6 years later, Rosita is with Gabriel in what seems to be a hot and heavy fling.

Seth and Christian talked a bit about how they found out of the soon to be fling.

Seth shared that it was Greg Nicotero who let him know the plan.

Greg Nicotero told me that I should probably spend a little more time getting to know you better. He said you should find out what she likes, what she doesn’t like.

Did he try?

No, I didn’t quite understand, I was quite hard-headed bout it.

They joked that they already know each other well enough.

Cudlitz joked, “Gabriel’s like, I got one good eye, and you look really good.” When a fan asked how he felt about it, he goes “Yeah, whatever.”

Christian joked that her character used to be the one getting flack for all the dating she did, but now Gabriel is feeling it too. She was also asked about Rosita’s backstory.

We’ve seen her with quite a few men, she finds her match in other men. She finds something sexy about their knowledge she wants to learn and connect with people and I think that’s really cool. As far as her backstory I’ve though a lot about it and it kind of changes for me.

The past couple episodes showed Eugene coming close to revealing his love for Rosita. In on scene, they are trapped by walkers and he says there’s something he’s been wanting to say for a long time. “Don’t make this weird.” Rosita answers as she helps them escape. Christian says they’ve discussed how things would be if the two do ever get together.

Yeah we’ve talked about it. But that’s also a part of her character. In the comic book it’s very well known that she likes to…she has a sexuality. She’s a very independent woman, and if that love she has for a lot of people turns romantic-if you find love a connection just go with it.

She also talked a bit about the sign language coming into the show with the new deaf characters Kelly and Connie.

I love it, one of my friends who is fluent in ASL I have been trying to learn it from her, so to have somebody come on made me happy. It makes sense for the story. I think it’s really beautiful to see how people would use different abilities to survive and they survive so well. We have been learning some ASL on set . Cailey, who plays Judith is having lot of fun and I think is picking up quicker than us.

Pollyanna McIntosh was candid about The Walking Dead films, saying things are moving full speed ahead.

Yeah, it’s being spoken about by Gimple now so I can be very clear in assuming. We’re gonna see where Rick is, she would be there. That’s a long winded way to say yaeh, I hope so. Things are in process right now. It’s exciting. I’m not ready to leave her behind yet.

She and Seth talked about the “Frog mating call” scene from this season.

It was a challenging scene to do at the time, I went into ADR and they said so we’re gonna redo this entire scene in ADR, because there were frog mating sounds.

Pollyanna wondered why they don’t just leave them so it sounded authentic.

They said no no there’s too many frog sounds, we need to clean it up. I had to bring back those moments whilst making it feel very real. That’s a challenge.

Michael Cudlitz talked a little bit about how he ended his time on The Walking Dead.

Saying goodbye to Josh at the camper, we know it was our last scene together. Saying goodbye to Josh and to working with Josh. It was the hardest, but also bittersweet. That’s the stuff that affects us.

Looking at present times, Cudlitz praised his current ABC show The Kids Are Alright.

The show has a tremendous amount of heart. It has more going on than just the comedy. I’ve been carrying a gun in 18 years in the stuff I’ve done. It’s nice for a moment to not have to kill anything or be killed. It’s really nice.
Preference? It’s all fun. It’s all being somebody else.

The Walking Dead returns on February 10th, 2019! In the meantime, you can catch more Walking Dead cast at Walker Stalker New Jersey on December 8th and 9th. We will be bringing you coverage from that all weekend!


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