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‘Pizza Tree’, is a true Hidden Gem For All Ages!

Published on June 6th, 2017 | Updated on June 6th, 2017 | By FanFest

One thing that I can honestly never grow tired of, is comic books. I’m the type of person that could sit in the comic book store for hours on end, and just continue to read the stories of my favorite heroes and heroines. Another thing that I highly enjoy, are graphic novels. As a teenager, nothing made me happier than sitting outside and enjoying a good graphic novel on a beautiful summer day.

This past Sunday, on a spontaneous trip to Wizard World Philadelphia with my boyfriend, I stumbled upon a hidden gem while walking around the show floor. I saw this gigantic, amazing cardboard standup of a tree and it looked like it was covered in… pizza??

Image: Pizza Tree Novel, artwork by Ryan Onorato

I immediately found myself drawn to this cardboard standup, as a lover of the arts and all things fiction and fantasy. I spoke with the gentlemen there, an artist by the name of Ryan Onorato, and he told me it was a character called the ‘pizza tree’ from the new graphic novel titled ‘Pizza Tree’.

After flipping through the pages, I was completely amazed by the artwork and the adorable storyline. I HAD to buy it. Not only was the artwork extremely catching, but the plot summary itself had me very intrigued:

Friday night means pizza night for the Poulton family. However, when their son, Chase, plants a slice of pepperoni in their backyard, every night becomes pizza night after a mysterious tree appears. The Poultons soon learn free pizza comes with a price. For those with a taste for horror, sink your teeth into the Pizza Tree!

Pizza EVERY night for the rest of my life? Well that sounds pretty awesome to me!! I would absolutely love to have a tree that grew pizza of my very own in my backyard!! I won’t give away any of the pretty cool and creative plot details, but trust me when I say that this is a graphic novel that you absolutely need to get your hands on; it is a novel that can be enjoyed by all ages. Whether you are 5 or 25, this adorable graphic novel has quite the savory sweet storyline.

I found the storyline so creative and adorable, that I reached out to one of the authors, Mark Poulton, and asked him how he came up with the story of Pizza Tree:

“When my son was four we were out having dinner at our favorite pizza place and Chase said, “I know where pizza comes from. If you plant a slice of pepperoni, a pizza tree will grow from it”- I immediately thought that needs to be a book, so we wrote it together.”

Write they did! Mark and Chase Poulton’s new hardcover original graphic novel will be coming out from Arcana Studios in their new partnership with ArtistaComics. The graphic novel made its debut at Wizard World Philadelphia this past weekend, and is now available for pre-order online here, with a release date in August 2017.

Image: Arcana Studio, Artwork by Ryan Onorato

Chase Poulton, who is now 7, and his father have truly come up with quite an amazing and unique storyline. I highly recommend the Pizza Tree novel to both children and adults of all ages. Pizza Tree is a hidden gem that will draw you in and dazzle you with its incredibly creative storyline and artwork.

The trio of Mark and Chase Poulton and Ryan Onorato makes for an incredible combination that leaves you wanting more. This is one graphic novel that you need to get your hands on, as I can not praise it enough.

Mark Poulton is no stranger to the Comicbook and Graphic Novel Universe. He is well known for his fantastic co-scripting of DC’s Savage Hawkman series with Rob Liefeld.

Be sure to pre-order your copy of Pizza Tree today; this is one novel I can promise that you will highly enjoy!! But be warned… you may, like me, get a gigantic craving for pizza immediately after (or while) reading!!


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