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Pink’s Husband Carey Hart Battling Infection, Has Tube Placed in Chest

To launch the new year, Carey Hart is facing a major fight. The former motocross racer, who is married to Pink, announced on Instagram that he’s battling an infection in “some old hardware” in his body and will spend the next six weeks injecting himself with antibiotics. He posted a few pictures of the tube attached to his chest with a plunger full of antibiotics, illustrating the severity and importance of this medical treatment.

“Well this sucks,” Hart started off his Instagram caption. “Found out a couple days before Christmas that I have an infection in some old hardware in my body. After stressing my brains out through the holidays, I got this tunneled catheter installed in my chest. Now for the next 41 days I have to inject antibiotics to knock this sucker out.”

He went on to explain that he was a little nervous about using the catheter. “I can handle a bone sticking out of my skin, but this catheter is definitely nerve racking. Wonder if I can push some caffeine through it? Just kidding.” He continued, “It’s not how I wanted to start 2023, but thankful it was found and modern medicine has the tools to treat it. Gonna be a long 6 weeks, but I got this. Coming back better and stronger. Take care everyone, and stay healthy!”


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Drawing on his experience, Dax Shepard provided some valuable advice to Hart, including the fact that he himself has used a catheter for antibiotics. “Let your daughter do it. Mine LOVED hitting that plunger,” Shepard wrote. Motocross racer Vicki Golden also offered some advice, writing, “I had to get one in my bicep for a bone infection. They suck but they get the job done. Hope you start feeling better.”

Hart has encountered yet another medical issue due to the catheter, and this comes after he underwent surgery in December last year to fuse some of his neck vertebrae. Thankfully, the procedure went off without a hitch as evident from his hospital bed photograph which was shared with everyone via social media! “Already been up and out of my bed 3 times cruising the surgery center,” he wrote at the time. “Ended up fusing the vertebrae because the joint was a bit hammered.”

He has undergone several spinal surgeries over the years, including in 2014 when he had a spinal fusion that revealed to his doctor that he most likely compressed his lower spine 10-12 times. Most recently, in September 2021, he underwent a disc replacement procedure on the lower section of his spine.

“I’ve been through some gnarly stuff, I’ve broken everything you could imagine, but recovering from this was brutal,” Hart told Rolling Stone in 2014 of his surgery. “I was just off my feet, laying down flat for 22 hours a day, in excruciating pain, because they elongated my spine. I’m a half-inch taller now, which is cool.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been laying in the dirt, something broken, bone sticking out, just thinking ‘Why the f- do I keep doing this?'” he continued of getting back on the bike time and time again. “But you go to the hospital, you get stitched up, or bolted back together, and you go home and heal, and eventually you start to forget the injury and start to miss your motorcycle.”

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