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Pedro Pascal Had Concerns About Meeting the Expectations of The Last of Us Fans

Published on May 29th, 2023 | Updated on May 29th, 2023 | By FanFest

Pedro Pascal Shares His Concerns About Meeting the Expectations of The Last of Us Fans

In a recent roundtable discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, Pedro Pascal, known for his roles in “The Mandalorian” and “Game of Thrones,” opened up about his apprehensions regarding his role as Joel in the HBO series adaptation of the popular video game franchise, The Last of Us.

Pascal expressed his nervousness about portraying such a beloved character from a major game franchise, acknowledging the intense passion of gamers and their dedication to the characters. He admitted to being genuinely terrified of disappointing the fans and felt a sense of responsibility to do justice to the character.

Despite being part of other well-known franchises, Pascal recognized the unique intensity of video game fandoms and the weight of their expectations. He emphasized that he wanted to reassure himself that, in the grand scheme of things, it may not matter significantly, but he understood the deep importance it held for the fans, and he was determined not to let them down.

During the roundtable, Pascal engaged in a discussion with fellow actors Evan Peters, Jeff Bridges, Kieran Culkin, Damson Idris, and Michael Imperioli. They delved into their respective careers and ongoing projects. Pascal mentioned his affinity for taking risks with significant narratives, prompting Culkin to inquire about his feelings towards taking on the role of Joel in The Last of Us. In response, Pascal candidly shared his initial fear and apprehension.

By expressing his concerns, Pascal demonstrated his commitment to honoring the expectations and passion of The Last of Us fanbase. As he embarks on this new role, he understands the weight of the responsibility and the importance of doing justice to the beloved character in the eyes of the fans.

The Last of Us adaptation on HBO has generated significant anticipation, and Pascal’s sincerity in acknowledging the fans’ devotion highlights his dedication to delivering a portrayal that stays true to the essence of Joel and resonates with the passionate gaming community.

The Last of Us series holds great potential, and Pascal’s willingness to embrace the challenge of such a highly regarded character serves as a testament to his commitment to his craft and to the fans who hold the franchise close to their hearts.

“Totally scary. And it’s that funny thing of compartmentalizing your feelings about stuff and dealing with the amount of pressure on you. I have this psychological game where I’m like, ‘It’s no big deal, nobody cares, nobody gives a s***.’ […] But this time around, I was scared. I was so scared. Because there was more of an exposed silhouette, a silhouette of coolness maybe, and an expectation to be met as far as what people’s immersive experience of the story was. And to disappoint them in that regard felt like it would be … I don’t know. You don’t want to let people down, but also nobody’s impervious to disappointing people. I want people to like me.”

Pascal makes a valid point: his previous major characters didn’t have the same level of anticipation. While Oberyn garnered excitement from fans of George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, and being a new Mandalorian thrilled “Star Wars” enthusiasts, they weren’t iconic lead characters from a massively successful video game. This elevated level of fandom presented a unique challenge for Pascal, and he felt a strong desire to meet the expectations and deliver a portrayal that would resonate with the dedicated fanbase.

A dedicated performer

The Last Of Us

Pascal’s worries were largely unfounded, as “The Last of Us” series successfully catered to the fans of the video games, delivering a stunning adaptation that breathed new life into the game’s universe. The series garnered enough praise to secure a second season from HBO, although viewers will have to wait until at least 2025 to see it. In the meantime, Pascal remains busy with various projects, including potential involvement in Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” sequel and Zach Cregger’s “Weapons.” His commitment to fan-favorite properties has solidified his status as a beloved actor, offering solace to franchise enthusiasts when he takes on significant roles. While we wait for other adaptations like “Fables,” seeing Pascal as Joel will have to suffice. Catch “The Last of Us” on HBO and Max.

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