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Paul McCartney Says That AI Will Help Create ‘Final’ Beatles Song with John Lennon’s Voice

Published on June 14th, 2023 | Updated on June 14th, 2023 | By FanFest

Paul McCartney made an exciting announcement on Tuesday, revealing that artificial intelligence (AI) has played a role in creating what he calls the “last” Beatles song, featuring the voice of John Lennon.

During an interview with BBC Radio, McCartney discussed the use of AI, citing its previous application in Peter Jackson’s film “Get Back,” which documented the making of the Let It Be album. He explained that AI was used to separate John’s voice from a low-quality cassette recording that also included piano music. By instructing the machine to distinguish between the voice and the guitar and eliminate the latter, they were able to isolate John’s vocals.

McCartney further revealed that the upcoming Beatles song is based on a demo that John had created. The team worked on it and completed it using AI to refine John’s voice, allowing them to mix the record as they would typically do. McCartney expressed both enthusiasm and caution about AI, acknowledging its potential for both positive and unsettling implications.

Paul McCartney Says That AI Will Help Create 'Final' Beatles Song with John Lennon's Voice

Describing AI as both “scary” and “exciting,” McCartney shared that he personally doesn’t encounter AI-generated tracks online often since he’s not extensively involved in the internet. He acknowledged that people might mistake AI-generated songs for ones featuring John’s vocals, emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between the two.

Although McCartney didn’t disclose the title of the song during the interview, the BBC reports that it is likely to be a 1978 composition by Lennon called “Now And Then.”

Earlier in March, McCartney reflected on a time when he contemplated leaving the music industry after the official breakup of The Beatles in 1970. He shared his uncertainties about whether he should continue making music and explored various possibilities, eventually deciding to persevere and find new ways to pursue his musical journey.

McCartney’s recent revelation about the AI-assisted Beatles song comes in response to questions posed by fans on Twitter, with the 80-year-old musician sharing his responses on his website.

The use of AI in creating music opens up intriguing possibilities, and McCartney’s embrace of this technology underscores his willingness to explore new frontiers in music production.

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