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Paul Bettany Thinks Fans WandaVision Theories Were Pretty Good!

Published on July 9th, 2021 | Updated on July 9th, 2021 | By FanFest

Paul Bettany recently sat down with Ace Universe to conduct an interview, where they briefly discussed WandaVision. They brought of some of the fan theories people had while the show was airing. Paul Bettany thinks fans WandaVision theories were pretty good!

WandaVision had, probably, the most theories of any MCU property to date. Both leading up to its release and while it was airing, fans were coming up with bonkers theories. Some of them would have even made complete sense!

There were two prevailing theories. while WandaVision was airing. The first revolved around Quicksilver, played once again by the X-men actor Evan Peters. This led to fans thinking that the X-men universe was crossing over with the MCU. In fact, many thought this was how they were introducing Mutants into the MCU.

The second one was about The Fantastic Four. Monica mentioned early on in the show that she had a friend, and the internet did what it does best and assumed. Fans were so convinced that Reed Richards was going to show up, and were very disappointed when he didn’t.

Paul Bettany thinks fans WandaVision theories were pretty good, and we agree! How awesome would either of those things have been? Sadly, it was not meant to be and we’ll be mourning the loss of Wolverine’s introduction forever.

“I loved lots of it, it was very fun. Like you know Jac Schaefer and Matt Shakman. The director and the showrunner would send me stuff and I’d be thrilled with [it.] You know, when the fans got stuff, the fans were guessing things right, that were right. I was also thrilled when they were coming up with whole new ideas we’d never even thought of. Some of those were pretty good ideas! But it was really interesting to see the people that would get… there would be people week after week that would be like ‘I knew this was gonna happen and I knew this was gonna happen, this is so disappointing.’ Then, if something didn’t happen, the way that they thought it was going to happen, they’d be like ‘I can’t believe they didn’t go down the road…’ And you’re thinking, well. there’s no pleasing some people.” is exactly what Bettany said.

What did you guys think of WandaVision? Were you disappointed by any of the theories you had not coming true? Let us know in the comments!

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