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Paranormal Prodigy: ‘Wynonna Earp’ Star Melanie Scrofano Talks Season 2 Secrets

Published on June 30th, 2017 | Updated on June 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

Everyone’s favorite paranormal prodigy is back, and the fearless folks over at Wynonna Earp are taking dysfunctional to a whole new level in Season 2. If you thought Season 1 was jam-packed full of horror, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The SyFy series chronicles the life of Wyatt Earp’s gunslinging great granddaughter as she and her devoted clan battle demons, and giant spiders and possessed sisters, oh my!

Now that any celestial entity can enter the once protected Ghost River Triangle– they’re all f’ed. Well, not entirely, but let’s just say things aren’t looking too great for Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano), her trusted sister Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) and the town of Purgatory. From demon goo-influenced Waverly, to a more recently mischievous Doc, not to mention their new (forced) alignment with the Black Badge Division, the audience has already encountered too many ups and downs to count, and we’re only three episodes in! With a whole new slew of big bads barreling upon this mighty little town, can Wynonna stand strong and defend the common folk from ghosts, and everything that goes bump in the night? You bet your Peacemaker lovin’ ass she can.

During a cheeky phone interview with Fan Fest News, Wynonna Earp star Melanie Scrofano gushed about working on the show, her love of fudgy brownies, and even concocted the perfect role for Executive Producer and HBIC Emily Andras, one that I am all in for! Let’s just say that this interview solidified, and strengthened my adoration of this character and all of the wonderful people who make this show possible.

Will Wynonna break the Earp curse this season? Can she and Doc finally share more than just showers and good times? Will anyone for the love of all that is holy save Waverly from that demon-sucking parasite deep inside her? Scrofano has answers, at least to some of those questions…

MCKENZIE MORELL: Let’s kick this thing off by you describing season two in three words…

MELANIE SCROFANO: Oh, fucking hell. Oh! That’s three words.

MM: [Laughs] Yes, it is. Now, obviously Wynonna has gone through a lot since season one. Everything keeps collapsing around her. But what do you think will be Wynonna’s biggest challenge this season, without spoiling anything, of course?

MS: I think it’ll be to choose to keep fighting to break the curse rather than to just crumble and self destruct.

MM: That seems to be a common theme for her, if she should stay or be like “the hell with it” and let’s go.

MS: Yeah, but it’s on another level this season.

MM: It’s only been three episodes since the season started and things are already crazy. I have no idea what to expect this season.

MS: Just you wait, sister.

MM: [Laughs] Oh boy! Let’s talk about Black Badge… Wynonna, Waverly, Doc, and Jeremy are officially part of the Black Badge Division. They didn’t really have a choice to join this covert operation. Do you think that it could be beneficial for them and their overall goal or do you think Wynonna is just going to continue to do whatever the hell she wants.

MS: Wynonna isn’t great at letting new people in. She has trust issues. So right off the bat, Jeremy is sort of persona non grata. That makes me sound either really smart or really dumb because I don’t know what that means [laughs]. But I think it means “get the fuck out” [laughs]. I think if Wynonna can trust people, that would be a good thing. But I think we all know that she doesn’t. So I’m not sure if working close with the team is a good thing or not.

Image Credit: SyFy

MM: At this point, she doesn’t trust Jeremy. Waverly is more on his side than Wynonna is. In the spirit of trust issues, do you think there’s a part of her that still doesn’t even trust Doc fully? I know we’ve seen that dynamic unfold and if they’re a thing, if they’re not, how do you feel about that?

MS: I think she was trusting him and now he’s being all shady. I think her default is just to assume the worst whenever someone is not being an open book. Having said that, he’s proven himself. So I think she’s trying to trust him. I know she’s trying to trust him. And just hoping he doesn’t let her down.

MM: He doesn’t have his hat now so maybe that just threw off his equilibrium and he’s just grumpy–

MS: Did you see that Looney Tunes episode where all the different hats fall on Bugs Bunny’s head and he becomes different characters? It could be sort of like that. Without his hat, he could become anyone.

MM: And he’s being super sketch right now so I don’t know what’s going on with him. I’m going to backtrack for a hot second, Jeremy seems to have this man crush on Doc. Not sure if it’s romantic or if he just idolizes him. In general, what would Wynonna think if someone else were to try and make a move on Doc?

MS: I feel like everybody does. In episode one, Eliza sort of — there’s a quick chemistry between those two and Wynonna is not a fan. I think with Jeremy, it’s more like “don’t betray us.” She more cares about whether or not she can trust him to not be one of the Black Badge Cronies.

Image Credit: SyFy

MM: I hope he’s not. I like him a lot. I want him to be one of the good ones. Obviously there’s a whole other component with Dolls being MIA and he’s hurt and he’s this giant lizard thing that Wynonna just realized. Do you think that Wynonna misses him at all? Is she missing him romantically, as a partner, maybe a little bit of both?

MS: Wynonna definitely feels like she needs Dolls back. For all those reasons. They were close to something romantically but then also she probably wants to explore that finally. But I also think she feels — he was always there to break the fall if she messed up. He was always there to guide her back and so she never really had to feel the full weight of the leadership. She wasn’t the leader. And now, feeling like she has to be the leader, otherwise they have to follow Agent Lucado which is not an option. She definitely feels like she needs Dolls, but I don’t think she actually does. I thinks she could handle things in her own way, but I don’t think she knows that. I think she feels like without him she’s lost and it’s a lot of pressure she didn’t ask for.

MM: There’s definitely a learning curve there and once she can see that she can land on her own two feet, she’d fly with soaring colors. If you could bring back one deceased character on the show who would it be?

MS: I’m sort of obsessed with Fish and Levi. I know that’s not a good answer because they weren’t a huge part of the show. But I just love them as characters. They’re so modern. I would love to hear more of their story. Who else? I love me some Constance Flutie. She’s crazy. I would have loved to just play with her more. I would say Constance.

MM: That’s a good answer. I would probably pick Earl. I liked him a lot and to see him die —

MS: Did you totally think he was Edward from Twilight?

MM: [Laughs] Oh my, yes! Can we anticipate some big changes for the Earp sisters in season two? It seems that they’re dealing with bigger and badder things on a regular basis. Obviously Waverly is going through some changes right now.

MS: I think I can say that because Waverly is more involved with Black Badge and everything she — things get more complicated for her which will affect our dynamic as well.

Image Credit: SyFy

MM: Do you think finding out definitively that Waverly might not be an Earp changed things between the two. I know you were kind of estranged for a minute and then came back. Would that change how Wynonna sees her?

MS: Who knows how it’ll play out in terms of mythology, but I think in terms of the way Wynonna sees Waverly, I don’t think she’d be able to see her as anything but her sister because she’s her sister and her other one is dead and Waverly is the one person she can trust. It’s hard to say. Who knows where it’ll go. But right off the bat, she needs to believe Waverly is an Earp, whether or not she actually is.

MM: She has no more spares yet. She has to keep this one.  

MS: Mhm.

MM: If Emily [Andras] guest starred on the show, what kind of character do you think she’d play or what kind of character do you want her to play?

MS: Oh my God. I think she would have to play somebody’s drunk Aunt. Somebody who just talks a lot and puts her foot in her mouth all the time. She could be Wynonna and Waverly’s aunt or cousin or something. She just comes in and every scene she’s in she screws it up by tripping over something or embarrassing herself. She’s the comic relief.

MM: Let’s put that out there for season three.

MS: Emily could. She already has cowboy boots.

MM: Right? She’s perfect for the role. She doesn’t need anything else. Just cowboy boots.

MS: Cowboy boots and sass.

MM: [Laughs] Can you name five things that the fans might not know about you?

MS: I like doing puzzles. I like — people probably already know this. They might not know the extent to which but I have a troubling obsession with murder stories. People in my life are actually concerned. I like gummy candies. I took an art class once and painted a naked lady and she is hanging over the toilet in my bedroom.

MM: That’s awesome. Did you do well on the painting or is it abstract?

MS: It’s not the worst. It’s okay. It’s like the type of art that you wouldn’t hang it in your living room but over a toilet, it’s fine.

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MM: Serious question, do you really love donuts as much as Wynonna does or is it all a ruse [laughs]?

MS: I like donuts but I feel like they’re not rich enough. They’re too doughy and I’m like, give me a fudgy brownie. If she were into fudgy brownies, they’d be all set.

MM: I love donuts but brownies are my favorite, I bake a lot. If you like fudgy, I make bomb cream cheese brownies.

MS: You should get the brownie mix — I know it’s a sin to make brownies from a mix but you should get the ones from costco. The Ghirardelli’s.

MM: Yes! That’s one of my faves. So tasty.

MS: Isn’t it so good? Wait, let me change your life: Somebody sent me a recipe. They use that as a base and then they put cookie dough chunks in it while it bakes so it makes like a chocolate chip cookie brownie. And it is the best thing ever.

MM: That sounds delicious. Let’s make a deal, if you guys come out to New York Comic Con again this year, I’ll make sure to make some delicious, fudgy, cookie brownies and you can eat that at the booth.

MS: Can you bring coffee to go with it?

MM: I can. Do you like sugar and milk or are you a black coffee drinker?

MS: Black. Me and Wynonna are black.

MM: Deal. Now, in the spirit of Wynonna loving donuts, if you could pick a type of donut based on her personality, what would it be and would you put any toppings on it?

MS: She likes the sprinkles, it feels like. I don’t know if she likes them or if they’re just the type that’s there, at the office. I think she would do — what are those bacon donuts? Bacon, maple syrup.

MM: Does it have chocolate on it or is it just —

MS: No, no, no. That’s crazy. Just caramelized, candied bacon or something. That seems like something she would do. I think just a trashy old donut. Something with powder — something that would make a mess on her face.

MM: Bacon, powder, caramel, all of the above.

MS: Powdery with stuff squirting from the middle.

MM: [Laughs] What’s coming up for Wynonna and the rest of the gang? Can you tease the tone of the season and tell us why we should tune in?

MS: All I can say is just that, as always there’s crazy action. Everybody gets fight scenes this season. Everybody gets to punch people. As everything gets more actiony. The relationships also get more and more complicated and perhaps strained. There will be a lot of crying.

MM: None of that. How dare you? I’m going to have to have a stern talking to with Emily about this situation.

MS: What is cool is that everybody gets to get more badass. Waverly keeps looking beautiful. It’s frustrating. But she kicks even more ass while she’s doing it. And love is complicated.

MM: That’s what we like to hear. Some good old ass kicking and complicated love.

MS: That was maybe the worst tease I’ve ever given but it made sense in my head.

MM: It made sense in my head, too. [Laughs] Lastly, is there anything you’d like to add or a message to the fans?

MS: Just thank you for being so kind and being kind to one another and setting the tone for what a fandom should be. And vote for yourselves on that — there’s some kind of best fandom contest going right now. I just tweeted it. Whatever I retweeted, vote for yourselves because you deserve it.





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