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Painkiller: Black Lightning Spin-Off Not Picked Up To Series! Could Head To HBO Max Instead!

Published on May 25th, 2021 | Updated on May 25th, 2021 | By FanFest

Black Lightning ended its series after four intense seasons on The CW. Painkiller, a Black Lightning spin-off, was meant to continue Painkiller’s story but The CW decided to pass on the series. The Black Lightning spin-off wasn’t picked up to series. Could it head to HBO Max instead?

The series was announced last fall and even got a backdoor pilot during this season of Black Lightning. Fans of Khalil will no doubt be disappointed with the most recent news. Even though The CW doesn’t want the series, not all hope is lost.

Reports indicate that the series could still end up on HBO Max, which would be a welcome addition to the streaming service.

Salim Akil spoke with recently, speaking about what the series was going to be about. He claims it was an exploration of the “duality” of black men.

“Well, with Khalil what I’m trying to explore, I think I take myself a little bit too seriously, but what I’m trying to explore is the duality of a lot of African-American men,” Akil said. “And I mean, Dubois talked about it. In one regard, you want to be the American dream. You want to be that participant in American culture, but at the same time, you’re always seen as the other. And within yourself, what you’re trying to do is become whole. You’re trying to become a whole person. And there’s always something that separates you from the whole. There’s always a reminder of what separates you from the, be it police brutality, the lack of jobs, lack of concern about the violence in your community.”

This is only the latest Arrowverse series that is not going to ever reach The CW. Green Arrow And The Canaries, unfortunately, never made it to series either. The Wonder Girl series, which would have given us a live-action Yara Flor, was axed as well.

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