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‘OZARK’: Jason Bateman Ponders Being in Marty Byrde’s Shoes

Watch Jason Bateman respond to several hypothetical Ozark-themed  questions in a video called “What Would Jason Bateman Do?”

One of the hallmarks of  intriguing television is the ability to make viewers wonder what they would do in impossible situations. Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead wonder if they really could survive a zombie apocalypse. USA Network’s Colony poses the question of whether viewers would collaborate or resist. Likewise, Ozark elicits questions about how people might survive under threats of organized crime.

Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) in Ozark season 1 episode 9
Photo credit: Jackson Davis/Netflix

Let’s hope none of us actually ever face any of these scenarios! But you cannot help but wonder how you might navigate such dire circumstances.

Netflix recently posed some of these questions to its Ozark star, director, and executive producer, Jason Bateman, in a video posted on their YouTube channel. When you have an actor as skilled as Bateman, it can be easy to briefly mistake the actor for the character he portrays. But, make no mistake, Jason Bateman is no Marty Byrde.

So, “What Would Jason Bateman Do?” if he found himself in Marty’s shoes?

How do you explain money laundering on a child’s level? What would your wife think about it? These are just a couple of the questions posed.

Jason pokes some fun at himself while taking only mere seconds to sum up the concept of money laundering (don’t try this at home!) He also reveals that his wife clearly keeps things on the straight and narrow.

Ozark is a dark drama/thriller, so it’s especially fun to see Jason Bateman on the outside looking in and responding with a hint of his wonderful dry wit.  I actually hope that Netflix will do some more of these Q&As with Jason and other actors from the show.

Just imagine Julia Garner (who plays Ruth Langmore) or Kevin L. Johnson (who plays Sam Dermody) talking about what they might do in their characters’ situations. It is certainly a fun way to clearly differentiate the actor from the character while having some lighthearted fun.

Jason gave his answers. Now what do you think you would do?

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