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‘Outsiders’ Season Two Premiere Preview – Are You Ready to Return to Shay Mountain?

Published on January 23rd, 2017 | Updated on January 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Hey Outsiders fans!  Are you ready to return to Shay Mountain?  Season 2 of WGN’s original hit series Outsiders premieres Tuesday night and we can’t wait to see what happens next!  Last season was action-packed and that season finale ending was certainly shocking (see what I did there)?

Let’s recap real quickly.  Consider this your official warning that Season 1 SPOILERS LIE AHEAD:

When we last left the Farrell’s, they were being confronted by Sheriff Wade Houghton (Thomas M. Wright) and his team who trekked up the mountain, with a warrant in hand, to arrest Asa (Joe Anderson).

While confronting Hasil (Kyle Gallner) and the group that had betrayed him, Big Foster (David Morse)  discovered that G’Winveer (Gillian Alexy) had slowly been poisoning him in order to take over power as Bren’Ien.  When he confronted her, or really, attacked her, she stabbed him with gardening sheers and was able to run away. G’Win ran to Li’l Foster (Ryan Hurst) who finally told her that Asa was not dead, as she originally thought.  G’Win told him that Asa is the only one that can kill Big Foster since he had been gone from the mountain for so long.  Farrell’s can’t kill other Farrell’s and, Asa was no longer considered family.  Li’l Foster finally told her his wearabouts and G’Win runs off to see him.

Asa initially refused to kill Big Foster but, eventually conceded.  When Asa confronted Big Foster, at first, Big Foster couldn’t believe his eyes.  As a side effect of the poison, he had been hallucinating and believes the sight of Asa is just another hallucination.  Asa pointed a gun at Big Foster and shoots him once, in the chest.  Big Foster appears to be dead.

As Asa was preparing to leave the mountain for good, he was stopped by G’Win who, trying to convince him not go to, told him that he is, in fact, part of the family and can stay.  Big Fosters men soon show up to tell G’Win of his death and that she is the new Bren’In.  At this point, in a dramatic twist, she ordered the men to take Asa and to lock him back up in his box as he killed another Farrell and broke the family code.

While this dramatic scene was playing out on the mountain, Sheriff Houghton and his men had been climbing and climbing but keep getting lost.  They came across Sally Ann (Christina Jackson) who was clearly exhausted and resting next to a tree.  Having been up the mountain herself, she pointed them in the right direction.

Eventually, they came across three children playing.  Houghton slowly approached the children asking to speak with their people when, down from the hill comes the Farrells.  Houghton presented the warrant to them and asked to speak to their Bren’In.  G’Win informs him that they will not leave the mountain.  With that, what seems like hundreds or thousands of Farrells appeared all around Houghton and his men.  The family began chanting and dancing and, by some unexplained magical force, a lightening storm seemed to appear directly above Houghton before the scene cuts to black.

Ridiculously crazy stuff, right?!  What happened to Houghton?  When did the Farrell’s become magical?  Where is Sally Ann now?  Will she and Hasil be reunited?  What’s going to happen to Asa?  And, what’s with the little girl with the butterfly and the little boy?  We’ve got a ton of unanswered questions going into season 2.  It’s sure to be a wild ride!

Check out the videos below for the full length trailer followed by a first look behind-the-scenes of the upcoming season.  Are you ready to go back to the mountain?

Outsiders premieres Tuesday at 9pm EST on WGN America.  Ged-GedYah!!

Photos: WGN America

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