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‘Outsiders’ Season 2 Episode 3 Preview – “Banishment”

Published on February 6th, 2017 | Updated on February 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

Warning!  SPOILERS AHEAD!  Do not climb any further up this mountain if you are not caught up with season 2 of WGN’s Outsiders!



Season 2 continues to leave us with MOUNTAINS of questions!

After last week’s episode, Big Foster survived the house of horrors and has made his way back to Shay Mountain.  Li’l Foster has been placed in general population prison while he is awaiting trial.  G’Win invited a new, all-women group, the Kinnah, to stay with them in the Farrell’s community.  Sheriff Houghton found out that Ledda is battling cancer and he has seemed to take a personal interest in Li’l Foster’s case.

So now, we are left wondering:

  • What’s going to happen now that Big Foster is back on Shay Mountain?
  • Are the Kinnah going to stay or will they be asked to leave?  Should we trust them?  And why do I find them kind of creepy?
  • How is Li’l Foster going to manage to survive in jail and is Houghton going to be successful in ensuring he gets a fair trial?
  • We haven’t forgotten about Hasil and Sally Ann.  Why aren’t they back together yet? (Sasil 4EVA!)
  • And, lastly, just because I’m holding out hope, are we going to see Asa ever again?  Maybe in ghost form, less one arm?

Based on the episode description for this week’s episode titled Banishment, some of these burning questions are about to be answered.  The description says:

“Big Foster admits to killing Lady Ray at the circle and agrees to accept any punishment. G’Win struggles with her decision on what to do with Big Foster. Meanwhile, Lil Foster attempts to trick the guards hoping he can escape prison. Houghton asks Haylie for help getting insurance for Ledda and Sally-Ann makes a surprising decision.”

Can’t wait to see what this episode has in store for us!  Check out a special sneak peek scene and previews below.

Outsiders airs Tuesdays at 9pm on WGN.


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