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‘Outsiders’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – “Shadowside”

Published on February 2nd, 2017 | Updated on February 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Warning!  SPOILERS AHEAD!  Do not climb any further up this mountain if you are not caught up with season 2 of WGN’s Outsiders!

Things are certainly getting crazy up on Shay Mountain but, it ain’t no picnic down in the town of Blackburg either!

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Down in the town, tensions between Sheriff Wade Houghton (Thomas W. Wright) and Emergency Manager Matt Meyers (James McCauley) continue to grow.  Meyers is saying that it’s best to leave the Farrells up the on mountain but, in order to protect the town, they should block roads and fence off trails.  Houghton strongly disagrees and certainly makes it known.  Meanwhile, Li’l Foster is still in custody and Haylie Grimes (Francie Swift) gives an interview to a news team saying she’s looking for justice now that he’s in custody.

Up on the mountain, a new group known as the Kinnah clan (the leader is named Moregon) arrive in Farrell territory. They needed to relocate due to their water supply being polluted by the town building roads and are seeking a place to rest.  G’Win (Gillian Alexy) welcomes them with open arms.

This does not sit well with the rest of the Farrell clan.  They recognize the newcomers as a part of McGintuck family who actually left to form their own clan.  As the Farrell’s begin to argue over if they should stay or make them go, G’Win interjects and says they have to show them compassion.

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Big Foster (David Morse) wakes up in the house of horrors to the woman coming down the stairs with food.  Her name is Corinne.  She found him 2 or 3 days ago in the middle of the road.  She has two sons, an older boy whom she appears to adore, and a younger child whom she’s quite abusive towards.  As the younger boy reaches for a cracker, she slaps him and scolds him.  She turns to take the food away and, as she does, Big Foster moves to stop her.  At this point, he discovers that he is tied to the bed.  Do you think the Farrells have ever read or seen Misery?!  Big Foster notices that a gun lay on the shelf next to the bed, just out of his reach.

Li’l Foster (Ryan Hurst), still in jail, is being questioned about shooting Breece.  Li’l keeps saying he didn’t do it but the interrogators keep pushing him, trying to get him to confess.  Houghton tries to step up to stop the questioning but the Myers stops him saying it’s the State’s jurisdiction.  It seems Like Houghton genuinely wants to help and you can just feel his disdain for Myers growing larger by the second.

Back up the mountain, G’Win calls upon Hasil (Kyle Gallner) to start a patrol to make sure the town outsiders stay out.  She asks if he’s seen Li’l Foster which, of course he hasn’t.  Hasil does pose and interesting question though, asking if G’Win trusts the Kinnah clan.  Hasil points out that they don’t seem weak and starving as they say they are.  He’s suspicious of them.  G’Win says they are to be considered family.

Hasil has assembled a patrol team nd warns them to stay lowkey.  He tells them not to use the quads but to walk to remain unnoticed.  One of the patrollers refuses to listen and hops on a quad.  Tsk.  Tsk!

Back in Big Foster’s house of horrors, Corinne comes back downstairs yelling at her boy.  Big Foster stands up for him and tells her to “leave him be.”  And, now things get FREAKY WEIRD!!  Corinne begins to wash his wound but, the way she’s touching him, it’s in a seducing manner.  He asks why he’s tied up and she said he was thrashing from the fever.  She continues to touch his body and tells him that he’s pretty.  This is getting creepy!  Even Big Foster is creeped out.  She climbs on top of him and Big Foster tells her to stop and says he’s a married man.  Her husband comes down the stairs looking for the remote.  She yells at him to get out but, he watches as she continues to touch and seduce Big Foster.

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In the prison, the guards are taking Li’l Foster out of his cell and bring him to his arraignment.  While putting him in restraints, they push him around and Li’l Foster begins to defend himself.  Houghton cuts in and calms Li’l Foster down.

Li’l Foster is being charged with endangerment, assault, conspiracy to commit murder and murder.  His defense attorney was only given the case 5 minutes prior.  He pleas he didn’t kill or hurt anyone, not guilty.  After little to no discussion, it is ruled that Li’l Foster will be held without bail per the judge.  Things are NOT looking good for Li’l Foster!

Things also aren’t looking so great for Big Foster!  He’s still strapped to the bed.  While Corinne and her husband are yelling upstairs, Big Foster is able to get both his hands free.  The abused boy is in the basement with him and Big Foster offers the child some food.  The poor kid eats crackers as if it’s the first food he’s had in months.  Big Foster grabs the gun off the shelf and quietly comes upstairs.  He makes it out of the house and just when we think he’s escaped, he’s wacked in the chest by the older son and father.  They lock him up again basement, this time restrained with chains.  They pour peroxide or some type of alcohol based liquid on to his wound causing Big Foster to scream in pain.  The older child begins to stitch up his wound and he writhes in agony.

Up the mountain, The Kinnah have begun removing all the furniture from Big Foster’s house, basically making themselves at home.  As they are moving in, G’Win stops them.  Ultimately, she decides to let them move into Big Fosters place.

Later on, Krake approaches G’Win about the Kinnah.  He says the group will not being able to feed any extra mouths during the winter months and that he’s heard they are thieves.  G’Win says that they will share what they have with the other group.

The patrolling Farrell ends up crashing his quad, when he almost runs into a blockade on the mountain.  He falls off of his quad and rolls.  He runs to find Hasil as he has discovered something which needs attention.  Hasil is pissed that he disobeyed him and used a quad.  As they are walking out to help retrieve it, they find vultures feeding on something.

In the town, Houghton approaches a lawyer friend of his and asks him about Lil Foster’s case.  He asks what he can do to help his professional acquaintance get better representation.  Houghton’s friend knows he’s talking about the Farrell in custody and asks why he cares.  Houghton replies that it’s simply the right thing to do.  His friend advises him that, regardless of evidence or trial, in the town of Blackburg, this Farrell will be put in jail, even if he didn’t commit the crime and he should know better than to try to stop it.

As Houghton is taking Li’l Foster to prison, Houghton assures him that he’s going to do everything he can to get him out of this.  Li’l Foster, who has been cooperative this entire time, tells Houghton that he believes him but, he also ominously warns him that, if he’s lying, he will pay for it.  Li’l Foster is locked up in a cell in what looks like a general population prison.  This is DEFINITELY going to lead to some issues in the future and you can’t help but feel for Li’l Foster.  This character is so genuine and yet, he’s taking the heat for a crime he didn’t commit.  Free Li’l Foster!!!

Back up the mountain, Hasil brings his discovery to G’Win.  It’s a human arm – Asa’s arm.  G’Win instructs him to bury the arm half way between the top and bottom of the mountain.  He wasn’t a Farrell but he wasn’t an outsider.   He belongs in between.

Photo: WGN America

Down in the town, Houghton confronts his sister.  Earlier, they had an argument which she really tore into him about being scared of the Farrells and not getting justice for Breece’s death.  He found an envelope in the mail from an Oncologist office.  His sister reveals to him that she has pancreatic cancer.

Big Foster is now getting some help from the abused little boy.  The boy unties him from the bed.  Big Foster gives him more crackers, tells him to go outside and run as far as he can and to never come back.

The screen cuts to Big Foster standing outside of the house, washing blood off of his face and body.  Inside the house, it’s a grizzly scene.  The three family members, Corinne, her husband and her oldest son, lay stabbed, sliced and murdered.  The young abused boy is walking away, as instructed, up the mountain and eating his crackers.  I wonder if he will walk up high enough to meet up with the Farrells at some point?

On Shay, they are having a party to welcome and share their food and goods with the Kinnah clan.  Moregon, the lead Kinnah, is chatting with G’Win and tells her change is coming before stroking her hair and kissing her.  Their moment is interrupted as Big Foster has stumbled into the party and, upon seeing G’Win, collapses onto the floor.

What’s going to happen now that Big Foster is back?  Are the Kinnah going to stay or will they be asked to leave?  How is Li’l Foster going to manage to survive in jail and is Houghton going to be successful in ensuring he gets a fair trial?  And, lastly, just because I’m holding out hope, are we going to see Asa ever again?  Maybe in ghost form?

What did you think of episode 2, Shadowside?  Let us know in the comments section below!

Also, check out the INSANE previews for next week’s episode below.  Outsiders airs Tuesdays at 9pm on WGN.


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