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Outlander Recap: “Of Lost Things”

Published on October 2nd, 2017 | Updated on October 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

Entitled ”Of Lost Things,” episode 304 is as much about what has been lost as it is about what’s waiting to be found. Jamie and Claire are still apart, but it’s getting ever closer to their reunion. Jamie is trying to find peace in obscurity, but what he’s hiding cannot stay hidden forever. Claire is desperately searching for any evidence of Jamie’s survival, but she’s coming up against dead ends at each turn. Brianna and Roger and the Dunsany family have all now been captured in the whirlwind surrounding Claire and Jamie. The question is, when the dust settles, who will be lost and who will be found?

*SPOILER WARNING* The following recap contains spoilers from episode 304. Do not read on if you haven’t seen the episode and want to avoid spoilers.

Sword Score: 9/10. One of the central themes of this episode is the fight for identity. Jamie is living at Helwater under an assumed name, Alexander MacKenzie. Lord Dunsany agrees to keep Jamie’s true identity as a Jacobite from the rest of the family as long as Jamie remembers his place. All goes well until Geneva Dunsany orders Jamie to her bed on the eve of her wedding. He refuses her advances until she blackmails him with his real name. He gives in and visits her at night to protect his family.

Nine months later, Geneva gives birth to a healthy baby boy but dies of complications. To make matters worse, her husband, the Earl of Ellesmere, knows the baby is not his and goes on a rampage against the infant. Jamie is forced to shoot the Earl in order to save his son. In gratitude, the Dunsany family offers to release Jamie from the terms of his parole early. He is unwilling to leave Willie and stays on for seven more years to watch him grow up. When Willie begins to noticeably resemble him, Jamie must protect him by finally leaving Helwater. Jamie returns to Scotland, never revealing to Willie that he is his father. It is 1764, 18 years after the Battle of Culloden.

Skin Score: 9/10. The struggle for identity carries over into the Skin side of things this week. For Jamie, it’s the nighttime meeting with Willie in which he must say goodbye to his son without telling him who he really is. It is full of echoes of other times Jamie has been forced to say goodbye to those he loves, and the pain on his face as he does it yet again is evident. It’s not just Jamie who is struggling to let go, however.

In Scotland in 1968, Brianna, Claire, and Roger are searching for any evidence that Jamie was still alive 20 years after Culloden. When they hit the closing of Ardsmuir Prison, the trail goes cold. They continue to search in vain until Claire finally reaches her end. She realizes that she’s spending her life chasing a ghost, which is exactly what Mrs. Graham warned her about all those years ago. She gathers her courage and announces the end of the search.

Brianna, meanwhile, has been searching for clues to her own identity. She wants to find Jamie, but part of her is unwilling to continue the search. Ever since Claire told her the truth, a wall has come down between Brianna and Claire. Brianna is worried that if Claire finds Jamie, she will lose her mother all over again. She confesses all of this to Roger one night, who then shares that he doesn’t want the search to be over either as it would mean Brianna’s return to Boston. The two share a kiss. Shortly after that night, Claire makes her announcement. She and Brianna return to Boston. What will become of Roger and Brianna’s blossoming romance? Or is it over before it ever begins?

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