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Outlander Recap: Creme De Menthe

Published on October 30th, 2017 | Updated on October 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

Let’s begin this recap by talking about exactly what Crème De Menthe is. It’s a mint-flavored alcohol that is typically served after a meal to aid in digestion. It’s an apt episode title, as we’re all going to need several glasses to digest everything that happened this time around. Jamie dropped some major revelations, Claire proved that she’s just as stubborn as she was 20 years ago, and Young Ian causes a whole lot of trouble for everyone. Let’s go one glass at a time, and break it all down into Swords vs Skins.

*SPOILER WARNING! The following episode contains spoilers from episode 307, “Crème De Menthe.” Do not read further if you have not seen the episode and want to avoid spoilers.*

Sword Score: 8/10. It’s rare to see Claire dominating the action side of the storyline, and it’s a welcome change. The episode picks up mid-battle between her and the agent of Sir Percival, the crooked British excise officer trying to extort Jamie. Jamie’s self-defense lessons to Claire back in season one seem to have stuck. The agent retreats when he realizes who he is dealing with, but trips and falls against the stone hearth. Claire takes him for dead just as Jamie enters the scene with Madame Jean and Mr. Willoughby. The three immediately leap into “disposing of the body” mode like it’s a normal Tuesday afternoon at the brothel. When Claire realizes that the agent isn’t as dead as they’d previously thought, she takes control of the situation and runs the show until the credits roll.

Unfortunately, Claire’s insistence on treating the man puts her at odds with Jamie. The two do their best to have a battle of wills while being interrupted by more and more pressing concerns over the course of the episode. First, Claire fails to save the agent. Jamie sets aside his disapproval of Claire’s actions to comfort her on the loss of a patient. Then, Claire honors a promise she made at the apothecary and visits Margaret and Archibald Campbell. This awakens her desire to work as a doctor again. Upon her return home, she begins spouting possibilities to Jamie while he carefully dodges supporting any of them. The entrance of Ian Murray pauses the conversation. Then Jamie lies to his brother-in-law about the whereabouts of Young Ian, and the argument begins in earnest behind closed doors. At least it does until Madame Jean bursts in with news of a fire at the print shop. Jamie and Claire race across town to watch any hope of a stable future literally go up in smoke.

Skin Score: 7/10. Let’s back up and talk about just what Jamie was doing during his many absences from the brothel. First, he, Fergus, and Young Ian move all the illegal liquor out of Madame Jean’s basement. Jamie then leaves the boys to sell as much as they can as quick as they can while he distracts Sir Percival. Fergus and Ian are successful and head to a tavern to celebrate. The talk quickly turns to women, and Fergus offers his advice to Young Ian on how to capture the heart of the lovely Brighid. The Frenchman’s advice works and Brighid and Young Ian end up in his bed in the back of the print shop. It’s then that things really heat up.

A one-eyed man named Thompkins breaks into the shop. He works for Sir Percival and he’s looking for the hidden casks. What he finds instead are Jamie’s treasonous pamphlets. Young Ian fights Thompkins, but a fire breaks out and Thompkins escapes with the proof he needs to have Jamie arrested and executed. Jamie rescues Young Ian from the fire. He makes plans to escape that night with Young Ian and Claire to Lallybroch. It’s then that Fergus drops the biggest bomb by revealing that Jamie is married to someone else. It’s a huge reveal, so naturally it happens in the last moment of the episode. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out just who Jamie is married to, as well as what awaits them at Lallybroch.

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