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Outlander Preview: 5 People Willing To Move “Heaven and Earth” In The Name Of Love

Published on November 17th, 2017 | Updated on November 17th, 2017 | By FanFest

If there’s one lesson that Outlander teaches its viewers over and over again, it’s that love is a powerful thing. It drives people to do things they never imagined themselves capable of doing. We’ve certainly see Claire and Jamie do the impossible to get back to each other many times. They’ve been forced apart yet again as of last episode. In preparation for this week’s episode, let’s look at 5 character who are willing to move Heaven and Earth in the name of love.

1) Jamie Fraser. Starting with the obvious one here. He promised Claire that he wouldn’t take his eyes off The Porpoise until she was back on board The Artemis with him. Now that Claire has been pressed into service, Jamie may need more than just his reading glasses to keep that promise. He has just been reunited with Claire, and he won’t let anything keep them apart again.

2) Claire Fraser. The woman traveled 200 years into the past to find Jamie- it’s clear that she’s not messing around in her devotion to him. However, this time around Claire has to balance her love for her work with her love for Jamie. She’s oath-bound to save lives wherever she is able, even if that means climbing aboard a typhus-infested ship. Captain Leonard may be forcing her to serve against her will, but that’s not likely to stop her from doing her job.

3) Fergus Fraser. The man has studied love at Jamie’s knee since he was a child. At least some of that has rubbed off on him (although his previous love life exploits certainly aren’t something he learned from Jamie…). He claims to be in love with Jamie’s step-daughter, Marsali, and that it is different than any other woman he has loved before. Jamie doesn’t believe him and is still withholding his blessing of Fergus and Marsali’s marriage. Time will be the judge of whether it is true love or just infatuation.

4) Captain Leonard. It has been a very rough crossing for the young Captain Leonard. He started his voyage as the 3rd Lieutenant and now he’s the acting Captain. His ship has been struck by Typhus and has left 80 men of his crew dead and another 100 sick. He is honor-bound to save his ship and as many of his crew as possible. He’s not just acting out of duty however- his crew mates are his friends as well. He cannot sit back and let them die when he has the chance to save them. He has pressed Claire into service aboard his ship and is racing across the sea to Jamaica. He’d better hope his decision is worth it, as Jamie will undoubtedly not be far behind.

5) Marsali McKimmey. The young woman is every inch her mother’s daughter- stubborn, demanding, and willing to lie to get exactly what she wants. She wants Fergus for her husband and she’s made it clear that she’s willing to ruin her own reputation to ensure she gets to keep him. She loves him, even knowing the truth about his past, and that is a powerful motivator. The question is, does she have the patience to convince Jamie that her and Fergus’s love is real? Or will her impulsiveness keep her from happiness?

Episode 310, “Heaven and Earth,” airs Sunday November 19th at 8 pm on Starz. Viewers can catch up on previous episodes now on or the Starz mobile app. Check back here to for full episode recaps and future episode previews.



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