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Outlander Preview: 5 People Making A Bid for Freedom in “Freedom & Whisky”

Published on October 6th, 2017 | Updated on October 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

As we near the midpoint of the season, everything seems to be falling apart. Claire is broken after her unsuccessful search for Jamie. Brianna is reeling with the new knowledge of her parentage. It’s not just the Fraser women who are struggling, either. It seems that everyone involved is searching for the freedom in and of the truth. Before episode 305 airs, let’s take a closer look at five people who are most in need of being unbound.

1) Claire. It’s always Claire, isn’t it? She’s been searching for her freedom since the first episode of the series. First it was her freedom from memories of World War II, then after her trip through the stones it was her freedom from the British, then from the Highlanders, then from the British again, and the list goes on and on. But through it all, Claire has been searching for freedom from her own fate. She’s always trying to find a way to be the master of her own destiny, but right now she’s dangerously close to giving up that fight. Is this truly the end of Claire’s fight, or can she be convinced to continue on?

2) Dr. Joe Abernathy. Let’s talk about Dr. Joe for a moment. He is Claire’s best friend in Boston, and he knows a thing or two about being an outsider. As an African-American doctor in the 1950s and 1960s, Joe has had to fight for everything he’s earned. He and Claire bonded over their mutual defiance of social norms, and that friendship has continued beyond their medical careers. As seen in the preview clip below, it’s Joe that Claire confides in when she returns to Boston after her failed search for Jamie. Could it be that Joe will be the one to convince Claire to keep searching?

3) Brianna Randall. Much like her mother, Brianna is in a fight for control of her own destiny. Before the trip to Scotland, she was confident in who she was. She was a student at Harvard University, she knew the path of her life, and she was sure in her footing. Now she’s struggling to figure out who she really is. In the second preview clip below, she announces that she’s dropping out of Harvard and moving out on her own. She needs to be free of the reminders of her old life in order to determine where to go in her new life. The question is, where will that be?

4) Roger Wakefield. Complicating matters for Brianna is Roger Wakefield, the adopted son of the Reverend Wakefield (and direct descendent of the MacKenzie clan, a fact which has not been explored nearly enough in our opinions). He arrives unexpectedly in Boston and lands right in the middle of Claire and Brianna’s latest argument. He and Brianna shared a kiss in Scotland. Is he here now to pursue that connection? Or does he come with other news for the Claire and her daughter?

5) Jamie Fraser. While Jamie doesn’t appear in any of the three episode previews this week, he’s present in every scene. From Joe urging Claire not to accept defeat in her search for Jamie, to Brianna’s rebellion and journey towards self-discovery, to the final clip in which Brianna makes the ultimate selfless move. She reminds Claire of her love for Jamie and encourages her to continue the search for him. As Brianna puts it, Claire gave up Jamie for her sake. Now it’s Brianna’s turn to give up Claire for Jamie’s sake. Will Claire listen to everyone’s urgings, and will she finally be reunited with Jamie?

Episode 305, “Freedom and Whisky” airs Sunday, October 8th at 8 pm on Starz. Viewers can catch up anytime on or the Starz mobile app. Check back here to for full episode recaps and episode previews.


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