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‘Outlander’ Preview: 5 People In Danger Of Losing Themselves In “Of Lost Things”

Published on September 28th, 2017 | Updated on October 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

Episode 4 is upon us, and it promises to be a good one. We’ve talked before about how Outlander episode titles never refer to just one character’s storyline. Instead, they’re almost always a hint as to the overarching theme of the episode. As this week’s episode is entitled, “Of Lost Things,” here are 5 characters that may be in danger of losing themselves.

1. Claire Fraser. Finally connecting with what we saw at the end of season 2, Claire and Brianna have arrived in Scotland. They’re staying with Roger Wakefield, the now-grown adopted son of Reverend Wakefield. Viewers will remember that Frank was writing a letter to the Reverend on the night Brianna was born, asking for information on one James Fraser. It hasn’t been revealed if Frank ever sent that letter, or if the Reverend even had any information to share, but it is clear that Claire isn’t going to settle for maybes this time around. She’s throwing herself headfirst into her research in order to determine what happened to Jamie at Culloden and beyond. But is she prepared for what she may discover?

2. Brianna Randall. The first 3 episodes of this season have only given us glimpses of who Brianna is. We know she has Jamie’s red hair, and likely his temper and stubbornness, but what does she have of Claire’s? Brianna’s entire world has been turned upside down recently. She lost her father suddenly, then found out that he wasn’t her biological father, and then discovered that her mother spent three years in the 1700s. Is Brianna calm-headed enough to process all these new revelations? And can she determine who she really is in an ever-changing sea of information?

3. Jamie Fraser. As part of his parole from Ardsmuir Prison, Jamie is working as a groomsman at Helwater in the late 1770s. He goes by the name James MacKenzie to protect his identity from the Dunsany family, who do not take kindly to Jacobites. He must deal with unruly horses, but it’s Lord Dunsany’s daughters who may prove to be the real challenge. The younger daughter, Isobel, is well aware of her spoiled older sister’s ways. 17-year-old Geneva, however, who will stop at nothing to get what, or who, she wants. Can Jamie protect his secret? Or will his past prove to be his undoing?

4. Geneva Dunsany. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into what Geneva is after in this episode. The preview clip tells us that she’s a spoiled brat with little regard for a certain “useless Scotchman,” but it also hints at her seducing Jamie. What changes between them to lead to such an event? And what will the consequences be from such a forbidden relationship?

5. Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser. Murtagh is included here because a) he’s our favorite character, and b) we don’t know nearly enough about his fate. The last we saw of him, he was being led away in chains with the other prisoners from Ardsmuir. They were bound for the Colonies, which in the late 1750s meant either the Americas or the West Indies. Either way, he was facing a term of forced hard labor as his parole. Murtagh is a survivor above all else, but can even he survive a voyage across the sea and years of indentured servitude?

Episode 304, “Of Lost Things,” premieres on Starz on Sunday, October 1st at 8 pm. Viewers can catch up on the first three episodes anytime on or the Starz mobile app. Check back here to for a full episode recap, plus future episode previews and recaps.


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