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Our Favorite Tweets and Memes About the Royal Wedding

With the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle came some incredibly sweet moments. From their shared glances and whispers to that lovely first kiss, they’re very clearly in love.

Of course, with all big events, many photos and gifs of the royal day made their way around the internet. Some were even turned into memes. We gathered up a few of our favorites, below. Fair warning, you could easily find yourself scrolling through all of them on Twitter for an almost regrettable amount of time.

Trust us.

Meghan looks stunning, and on top of the world, in a photo that’s been shared with a lot of witty captions. This is one of our favorites.

Viewers also caught a few glimpses of Harry’s ex at the ceremony and had a lot to say about her expressions.

Prince William and Prince Harry shared a conversation that we all wish we’d been privy to.

There was also the moment Prince Harry looked at Meghan and bit his lip and Twitter got insanely jealous.

We can’t share our favorite tweets and not include the gorgeous first kiss they shared.

This meme incorporated The Walking Dead and poked fun at the final carriage ride around the castle, where the couple waved at the crowd!

Honestly, that’s how we still look at Norman and Jeffrey, too.