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Orphan Black “The Stigmata of Progress” Preview

Published on April 27th, 2016 | Updated on April 27th, 2016 | By FanFest

Geeklings, when we last
left Orphan
I was feeling a bit
cheeky… get it?! Cause of the
maggot bot in Sarah’s cheek. At least one
of you guys laughed and that type
behavior is just going to enable me to continue making jokes like that.
When you
think about it you,
the laughers, are whose to blame. But seriously, Sarah’s
cheek has got a
bit of a problem. It’s taken me
all week to purge the feeling
that scene gave me out of my head and as soon
as I started typing it came

rushing back. The maggot bots are still clouded in mystery. In fact all we
about them is that the
Neos collect them from certain people through the art of
severe cheek
removal, and when they’re cut out a
subject while said subject is
still awake, they try to eat your face. None
of these consequences sound like

good things and I don’t blame Sarah for being a tad bit freaked out. The
questions here seem to
be does Kira have one too and are the Neos using them as
a tracking device?
Maybe that’s how they found
Sarah and company in

A maggot bot may not be the only story
concerning Kira this week
Cos still isn’t improving despite the use of Kendall’s blood. As of right

now my theory that Kendall’s
blood is no good because of the leukemia is
standing so there has to be
another solution. I think that
solution has been in
Kira since the get go. The fact that Sarah was able to
have a baby in the first

place is a big deal, and Kira’s already displayed her ability to heal like

Wolverine (remember when she
got hit by that car?). Last week S suggested
another bone marrow transfusion
between Cos and Kira because (a)
it’s really
easy and won’t hurt Kira at all (sarcasm) and (b) Cos
responded best to that
treatment (duh
Kira is Wolverine). I wonder what Sarah will have to say about
that and if
they try and take too much from
Kira what it could do to her? She’s
already missing her Khaleesi hunting
Daddy, can she really take much


Else where Helena is preggers with twins and is raiding the
while Donnie and Alison
look to dig up a certain dead doctor in their garage.
I’m sure that’s
going to smell terrific.
Probably not the best time
to be digging up dead bodies when the police are
knocking at the door to

question “Alison” about a triple homicide concerning her former drug
I’m looking forward to
this as I love when the clones have to pretend to be
their counter parts.
It’s like the inception of acting
for Tatiana Maslany
(whose smile can cure blindness…#maslanyfacts). Plus
we’ll get to see Helena
to be Alison which is the recipe for all types of enjoyable mayhem.

Rounding out
our preview we get to
see Rachel and her Cyber Eye of
Doom (name pending and
could change on a column to column basis) painting up
a storm as she discusses

with her mother how Sarah and the rest of the Clone Club have been
one step ahead. Last week I
wondered how involved with the Neos Rachel is at
this point, and I’m
willing to believe not very thus far.
Yet she’s fueled by
hatred and is pretty smart to boot. I would expect her
to have plenty of revenge

schemes running around that head of hers. How long before she seeks a bigger

role within the Neos
organization? And just a curiosity question, do you guys
think her eye could
shoot lasers? You and I both
know that would be way cooler
than that tail.

While not included in
the preview there are some things

to ponder going into this week. The question of who did Beth kill is still

looming out there but I
suspect that could be more of a slow burn. The more
immediate question is
will we see Beth again this week?
Honestly I’ve really
enjoyed how the show has delved into the Beth
character after so long and the
of flashbacks have been a fresh addition to the show. If we’re talking Beth

then MK can’t be that far away.
Last week she lead on that she might know quite
a bit and is with holding
story time because she thinks Sarah
will go insane
once she hears (*ahem* continuing the parallels of Sarah and
Beth *ahem*). I’ve
instantly attached to MK and want to see/hear more from her. Although I

would like it if she took that sheep
mask off before driving. That can’t be

One final thing, Felix
is in pursuit of his birth family
and I
would assume he’ll start to make some progress on that journey this
week. What
do you guys think
about that story? Is it going to lead to something big or kind
of a filler
story to give Felix something to
do outside of the Clone Club? Not
sure that I like him feeling so displaced
and keeping everyone at arms
He was an honorary Clone Club member and I don’t want to see him

you have it Geeklings. What do you expect to see this week
out of Orphan
? Do you think
they’ll be able to get the maggot
bot out of Sarah’s cheek? Who did Beth
kill? Can Helena pull off being
Let the theories fly in the comments below. See you Friday (or
Saturday) with
the episode review.
Happy viewing!


Images and trailer
from BBC

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