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Orphan Black “The Antisocialism of Sex” Preview

Published on May 25th, 2016 | Updated on May 25th, 2016 | By FanFest

Remember when you were a kid and you were playing Nintendo and your younger sibling would walk by the system right in the middle of the best game of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out you’ve ever played, and for no reason hit the reset button? The screen goes dark for a moment before the home screen fills the TV. If you subtract the video game rage towards your sib then that’s exactly what last weeks most excellent episode of Orphan Black did. We have hit the reset button on three and half seasons, and now we pick up the pieces and see what happens next (I am fully aware that that was a long way to go with that analogy but I wanted to make a Nintendo reference. I have no regrets).

The clone original, Kendall, is dead. All the data and research on finding a cure for the clone illness has been wiped and burnt. A new big bad has exposed herself in Evie Cho, and home girl came to play. Dropping truth bombs about the fate of Delphine, Walter White in the dessert style, and organizing the entire thing, and now we find our Clone Club at their lowest. In this case Evie Cho is totally your younger sibling hitting the reset button. I know, I hate her too. So, now we ask the question, how will they respond? If this trailer is any indication, then with different types of emotional breakdowns. Duh. How else would they respond?

We’ll start with Sarah who looks to be taking the path of drowning her sorrows in booze, loud techno music, dancing three ways, and surprisingly being a wooooo girl. Didn’t see that coming. Sarah has had a pretty rough season with re-visiting all the Beth stuff, not paying enough attention to her demon child (who totally called that Cos and fire thing *shivers*), fighting with Felix about his biological sister, a maggot bot calling her cheek home, and trusting anyone who might have an inkling of what she’s talking about to mixed results. Sarah could probably use the release but not sure if getting drunk/high is the right call for her. I’m sure it could open the door to a return to her shady past as she spirals out of control. Remember she gave up Kira for awhile while she lived the dream of grifting and selling drugs, and as Kira is getting older she has little tolerance for that noise. Could we see her lose her again?

ob 7 preview 2

Cos is in quite the pickle. The illness is killing her, and outside of bone marrow from the demon child, there is really nothing else to put it off at this point. All the data is gone and she might be too far along to start everything from scratch. As soon as they introduced the clone illness you knew that there had to be some casualties and it’s looking like Cos might finally succumb to what we’ve been dreading. Well I’ve been dreading as she’s my favorite. Take anyone but Cos! Take Kira or S or Felix or, or, or… please don’t kill Cos. #pleasedontkillcos

Alison, who has sat on the side lines a bit this season while Donnie has represented house Hendrix, also has a lot to lose. Sarah and her have been on the outs this season and Cos and her have been pretty tight since the days of Beth so all of that emotion has to be adding up. Not to mention she’s being investigated for a triple homicide (thanks Helena!) and a soap store that serves as a drug ring. I don’t blame her for breaking down and praying to the gods.

Helena is still MIA since she sent Sarah that text message. MK is a lot richer since stealing Ferdinand’s cash flow but she’s also taken her sheep masks and retreated back to the shadows. Krystal is keeping an eye out for big cosmetic (as we all should be). Ira tried to kill himself because there’s no chance for a cure for the Castors. Rachel is with Susan on a snowy island where I’m sure weird things will happen. Art needs to start being a better cop or he’s going to get himself killed. And operation Bright Born is more or less dead. Our Clone Club is in a world of trouble and spinning out of control. You have to wonder who is going to step up and give them hope again. You have to figure someone will. Otherwise Evie Cho, in all her reset button hitting glory, will win and the world will be filled with genetically modified babies. But at what cost?

If you’ve got theories on what’s to happen next feel free to share them down below. Orphan Black is on Thursday at 1o p.m. on BBC America. Be sure to tune back to Fan Fest for my episode review. Until then Geeklings! Happy viewing!


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