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Oprah Winfrey Gives Great Advice to College Grads

Published on May 16th, 2017 | Updated on May 16th, 2017 | By FanFest

Oprah Winfrey gave a commencement address to some excited and motivated students at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta on Saturday morning. She spoke to the students about her own success and the keys to living a good life. There are no secret formulas, no shortcuts, no get rich and live easy schemes, however, the road to a good life isn’t hard at all.

She spoke about building a brand and said she used to resent it when people said that to her. She said she never really thought about a ‘brand’, she just thought about making the best choices she could. For her, having a brand isn’t about a business – it’s about what you stand for.

Oprah says it’s all about being true to yourself. She said she’s made a living and a life (well, a fortune) from being true to who she is. She also said that the biggest benefits weren’t financial, having a closet full of shoes doesn’t hurt – but it doesn’t fill up your life.

Substance through service, Oprah said, that’s the key to having a good life.

‘You’re nothing if you’re not the truth. I’ve made a living, I’ve made a life – I’ve made a fortune, really – all good! – from being true to myself. If I can leave you with any message today: The biggest reward is not financial benefits, though it’s really good, you can get a lot of great shoes!’

‘Those of you who have a lot of shoes know having a closet full of shoes doesn’t fill up your life. Living a life of substance can. Substance through your service.’

The entire speech is about 28 minutes long, but we recommend that you carve enough time out of your day this week to listen to it. It’s a kind of honest motivation, it’s not forced or fake – not written to sound perfect without meaning behind it – she speaks from her heart and from her truth, the same way that she lives.

That, at the end of every day, is what inspires people.

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