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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6 Premiere Recap: ‘The Savior’

Published on September 26th, 2016 | Updated on September 26th, 2016 | By FanFest

Once Upon A Time is back, and so are our reviews! Now, I’ll admit, Season 5 for me was rough. I don’t know if I just wasn’t into the storylines, or the show in general– but it wasn’t a hit in my mind. But, that’s about to change, I think. We took a nice little break from each other and we’re rested, and starting fresh. I’m actually really glad this show is back on TV, I sort of, kind of missed these characters and this whacky town. I’m even more thrilled that this season’s main focus is going to be the sinister Hyde, and of course… the Evil Queen! I’ve been looking forward to the uprising of Regina’s, quite frankly, more interesting half– and although, I do enjoy seeing Lana Parrilla playing a “hero,” the masses wanna see the big bag witch back! And that’s just what we’re about to get.

The premiere was chalk full of exposition, and although I want to criticize the fact that it was heavy on that front, it was an overall awesome start to a brand new season. And it really did feel like a brand new season. A mysterious ship from the land of untold stories lands in Storybrooke, and it immediately sends the townspeople and their heroes into a tizzy. What evils lurk inside the shipwrecked unknown? Probably something BAD. Duh. I’m happy to see straight out of the gate that Regina, and Emma are working together– with the help of Jekyll, they formulate a plan to capture Hyde who is already wreaking havoc on the town Rumple gifted to him.

Speaking of Rumple… he’s off trying to “save” Belle from her self-induced slumber and decides to visit her dreams. I know he hopes to wake her up– but I think it’s time to give it up. She clearly doesn’t want anything to do with her misguided ex-lover. Pairs who are also on the fritz are also Regina and Zelena, who has set up shop with her bundle of joy at her dear old sis’ mansion. Too bad Regina, even without her “bad side” still blames Zelena for Robin’s death and can’t seem to move past it. Zelena may not be the world’s best sister, but they are sisters after all. What that means for them in this case? I don’t know.

Hello Flashbacks! Yes, those things are still alive and well– much like Captain Hook, who is trying to have sexy times with Emma at the start of the episode. Come on, bro. Y’all have work to do– but anyways. We get a glimpse of Aladdin and Jafar, and for the first time I’m pretty excited. Was Aladdin a savior too? And that’s why the viewers see him basically dying in our first introduction of him? Perhaps. I guess time will tell.

The premiere had its amazing moments, but there is always room for improvement. There are a bunch of important stories being set up, including the Land of Untold Stories, Hyde’s masterful plan to reign over Storybrooke, the return of the Evil Queen, Aladdin, Rumple and Belle (I can’t believe I’m saying that), and Emma’s inevitable demise.

Normally I wouldn’t be for the Rumple/Belle story, because it’s been played out for five seasons and I just don’t find it compelling enough to hog up storytime… but, Belle’s revolt and her being adamant that she’s not going to have anything to do with Rumple is refreshing. Not to mention, the fun flashback to their time in the castle and the introduction of their son– who was in the dream as well trying to stop dear old dad from getting his evil paws on sweet, innocent mum. I hope they go about this the right way, and it doesn’t end with Belle back in Rumple’s arms– because what’s the fun in that?

Emma’s demise… yep, I said that. Emma is in trouble and she’s looking to all the wrong people for help. Sure, Hyde pointed her in the direction of someone who could help hone her vision and see that hey, she’s gon-die. But, I don’t understand why the fate of the savior (a terrifying and painful one, I’m sure) isn’t something Emma would want to share with say, her mother, father, Regina, hell– even Hook. I know she doesn’t want anyone else getting hurt in the process of trying to save her– but hey, five heads are better than one… no? This headstrong attitude is the exact thing that’s going to get her killed. And from the foreshadowing on Hyde’s part of “look, this is exactly what the prophecy wants you to do…” aka alienate your friends and family from your true destiny, so maybe choose another path… is something I’m actually on board with. Even though I don’t trust him one freakin’ bit. After all this time does Emma really not trust her friends and family still… like, come on!

I don’t know if the showrunners are going to kill Emma off, but that would be a bold move– even for them. I’m totally open to it, but I just don’t see them going the lengths to get this done. Emma dying to save her friends and family– finally trusting them, and giving them the lives they deserve? Sure! I would love for Regina to become the savior… ya know, after they deal with her Evil half. That should be a fun storyline. I mean, who doesn’t love Lana Parrilla going all badass on us? I honestly just want Emma to be the hero everyone knows she can be, up until now– I’m not sure if she’s really proved herself as the “savior.”

Final Thoughts:

  • Emma needs a therapist. She internalizes way too much and it’s going to get her killed. For real.
  • Will they kill off Jennifer Morrison’s character this season? Ooooh, maybe!
  • Hook still annoys me.
  • Good Regina is so lost and it hurts my heart.
  • Yay! The Evil Queen is back, and she’s trying to team up with Zelena (who was kicked out of Regina’s house for… obvious reasons).
  • Adorable moment between Good Regina and Snow! Regina is truly sorry for being such a terrible stepmom.
  • Please give Henry a tangible storyline this season? K. Thanks.
  • Yes, Jekyll! Yes, Hyde! I really love these two new additions.

How did you feel about the premiere of Once Upon A Time? Agree with me? Don’t? Let me know in the comments!

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8/7 on ABC

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